Das neue 100 Watt starke LX-100 LED-Dauerlicht

The new 100 watt LX-100 LED permanent light

Jinbei presents the new LED continuous light"LX-100", which is particularly interesting for photographers and videographers who prefer to work in the studio and place great value on a color temperature similar to daylight. Thanks to the lighting technology built into the LX-100, which was adopted from LED panels, it can be used in a variety of ways and is easy to operate.
Kompakte LED-Dauerlichter für Outdoor- und on Location

Compact LED permanent lights for outdoor and on location

With the EFD-60M and the EFD-60Bi Bi-Color, Jinbei presents two new, flexible LED permanent lights that are particularly interesting for videographers due to their compactness and setting options. Thanks to the new EFD-60 battery adapter, which is available separately with an integrated handle, the lights can also be used ideally on location. The softbox range is also being expanded with two new members.
Titelbild Pressemitteilung Jinbei EFP-400 Bi-Color LED-Panel

Jinbei introduces EFP-400 Bi-Color LED Panel V2

With the new version of the EFP-400 LED panel, Jinbei offers a flicker-free LED permanent light with natural color rendering and many other optimizations, such as more channels and groups, more light effects, higher CRI and the option to switch off the fan. With the possibility of control via smartphone app and the new power setting to one percent, attention was also paid to comfort features.
DMII-4 & DMII-6: Noch leichter und kompakter als Vorgänger

DMII-4 & DMII-6:Even lighter and more compact than its predecessor

With the “DMII” flash series, Jinbei is releasing two new, compact professional studio flashes that are the successors to the “DM” series. They have shorter burn times, faster recycling times and more channels and groups. With an increased output of 50 watt seconds each, Jinbei offers a 400 and 600 watt variant. They are aimed at photographers who prefer to work in the studio.
Titelbild Pressemitteilung zu neuen Dauerlichtern bei Jinbei

Strong permanent lights and RGB stick light

Four powerful LED lights are the latest stroke of genius from the Jinbei lighting experts. Three of them are permanent lights named EFD-300, EFD-500, and EF-300, as well as a new RGB stick light named EFT-360 RGB. The four devices have absolutely clever features - both from a creative point of view and from a handling point of view.
Neue Mitglieder in der „MSN Pro“-Familie: Vier neue Profi-Studioblitze

New members in the"MSN Pro"family:Four new professional studio flashes

With the"MSN Pro"flash series, Jinbei is releasing four new professional studio flashes that follow on from the"MSN III"series. They have shorter burn-off times in freeze mode, a faster recycling time and more channels and groups.
Neues RGB-Dauerlicht im Smartphone-Format

New RGB permanent light in smartphone format

Jinbei is currently launching a compact, permanent light in smartphone format that can enrich photography on the go in a particularly creative way. The JR-70 RGB has a variable color temperature and RGB colors.
Neue LED-Dauerlichter EF-160 BiColor und EFP-50 BiColor

New LED permanent lights EF-160 BiColor and EFP-50 BiColor

Jinbei is launching two new LED bicolor permanent lights. The manufacturer is once again proving technical performance at fair prices:the new products with the names"EF-160 BiColor"and"EFP-50 BiColor"allow photographers and filmmakers to precisely illuminate their subjects. The color temperatures are adjustable, the light characteristics are flicker-free and similar to daylight.
Die neue Jinbei Ringleuchte LR-480C für Film und Fotografie

The new Jinbei ring light LR-480C for film and photography

Jinbei presents the new LED ring light LR-480C - perfect for YouTubers, vloggers and content creators. This ring light creates magical light for professional recordings.