Light Former

Light Former & Studio equipment from Jinbei

Light shaper belong toelementary tools of a photographer. you aresolid components a studio equipment, be it for portrait shots, wedding photos, fashion or product shoots. Depending on the motif and subject of the shoot, you betdifferent types of light shapers fordifferent lighting effects with your studio flash. The light shapers include, for example, reflex umbrella, beauty dish, octabox, striplight, the latter are both included in the softbox area, transmitted light umbrella, honeycomb or diffusor.

The classic reflector as a standard light shaper

The reflex umbrella is a relatively simple light shaping variant. The screen is coated in silver, directs the flash towards the center and illuminates the subjectaccented light. Fall through its high-contrast lightShadows rather harder out. Depending on the type of light shaper, you have a narrowly limited highlight with the standard reflector or withWide angle reflector a wider beam of light is available. For flashing the background when taking portraits, theBackground reflectoran easy oneoval beam of light. The word reflector itself is mostly used synonymously for metallic light shapers.

The Beauty Dish is the light shaping star in professional photography

WithoutBeauty dish nothing works during photo shoots in the areas of beauty, fashion, wedding or portrait. Its light character isbetween standard reflector and softbox located. The Jinbei Beauty Dish with Bowens bayonet reflects the flash from its silver-colored reflector wallssoft and even to the middle there. This creates a small, more illuminated area that is particularly popular for portraits.Reinforced this effect is due to the separately availablehoneycomb. The intent directs the lightstronger in the middle and darkens the outside areas so that the subject stands out more from the background.

Special resolutions for creative light

Reflector attachments like for exampleHoneycomb attachments or that tooCasement gate are placed directly on the reflector. They fit over yoursBowens S-Type bayonet to all studio flash units from Jinbei.

Reflectors and honeycomb attachments

For our flashes, we have standard reflectors, beauty dishes and honeycomb attachments that significantly expand the design scope with the flashes.

Filter foils add color to flash photography

With our high quality Color filter foils for studio flashes you have comfortable all-purpose weapons at hand. With them, you consciously adapt the flash to the skin tone of your model. Or you use them to remove or suspend color castss design reasons deliberately.