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Whether TTL, HSS or Freeze, our all-rounders among the flashes leave nothing to be desired.

Our all-rounders

With the TTL mode benefit from automatic functions that help you to find the right light faster and give you more time to concentrate on the subject. This is very convenient, especially in changing light conditions during outdoor shootings, as the TTL control You save the constant manual correction of the flash output on the device.

Another popular feature among photographers is that Short-term synchronization HSS (= High speed sync. This function enables faster shutter speeds than the usual flash synchronization times. With extremely short exposure times you can freeze fast movements, flash against the sun or use more open apertures for portraits outdoors..

Another highlight of our all-rounders is Freeze mode for all cameras without HSS mode. With this you can capture objects with extremely short burning times that move particularly quickly and that we can no longer see with the human eye. Freeze enables individual details, such as water droplets from a water bomb, to be frozen.

In the Synchronization to the first shutter the flash is triggered at the beginning with a short sync time and then the ambient light is used to display the movement. In the Synchronization to the second shutter the flash fires at the end of the shutter speed with a short burn-off time after the movement through the ambient light has been recorded.

Lightning for the studio

You only want to take photos in the studio. Then you don't necessarily need a flash with a battery..

Lightning for the studio

Our flashes especially for the studio do not have a rechargeable battery, but you benefit from uninterrupted power and a larger number of flash releases thanks to mains operation.

In addition, batteries are not absolutely necessary if you only take photos in the studio and therefore always have access to electricity.

Lightning on the go

If you take a lot of outdoor photos, it's important to have a battery-powered flash. This makes them flexible and mobile.

Lightning on the go

A flash with battery gives you a universal power supply for all your outdoor use. Selected shooting locations are usually far away from a power socket. A battery makes you mobile and flexible and there are no limits to your creativity.

Our lithium-ion batteries enable at least 450 releases with just one charge at full power. If that is not enough, you can also purchase a replacement battery from us.

Inexpensive compact models

Are you just starting out with photography and looking for a cheaper entry-level model? Then you've come to the right place..

Inexpensive compact models

As a newcomer to flash photography, you may not want the most expensive model, but you still want a device with quality, comfort and durability. Our flashes from the category “low-priced compact models” impress with their excellent price-performance ratio.

But also amateur and semi-professional photographers with smaller photo studios or home studios offer these flashes a lot of power at a low price.

Comparison table

Lightning comparison

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