Jinbei was founded in Shanghai in 1995 and produces high quality flashes and accessories for photographers worldwide.

Jinbei Fabrik

YE Xiaochun has been a passionate portrait photographer since she was a teenager. He was involved in the development of flashes and LED lights throughout his professional life. In 1995 he fulfilled his dream of starting his own business and founded the Jinbei brand in Shanghai, which has since produced high quality flashes and accessories for photographers worldwide.

Jinbei stands for: Fair prices with top performance

We have made it our business to make every photographer's individual lighting design available at the highest level. The high-performance devices meet all requirements, whether you're a beginner or a professional photographer.

Jinbei stands for: innovation and progress

The constant further development of products and services is the central point of our efforts. We use advanced technologies and of course always have our customers' needs in mind, because 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. This pursuit is no coincidence, since Mr. YE, himself a longtime photographer, places high demands on flash units from the user's point of view.lt.

Jinbei stands for: speed and flexibility

Over 200 qualified employees work in a state-of-the-art production facility that enables us to deliver 20,000 flashes and 60,000 light shapers worldwide every year. Thanks to our reliable production, we can also process large orders in the shortest possible time.

Jinbei stands for: quality and competence

The Jinbei quality control is second to none. Our experienced employees test every single one of our flashes over a period of 24 hours. Only if this endurance test has been passed without any restrictions can the product begin its journey to the customer. Precision and continuous improvement are our golden rules. In this way, our customers can be guaranteed that they will receive a product of the best quality and highest reliability. Our constant intention is to meet the needs of the photographers.

Jinbei Qualitätskontrolle

Quality control is very important: Jinbei tests every flash under power for 24 hours after production