M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm
M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm

M-6 2in1 boom stand steel 149 - 408 cm


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All the advantages of the M-6 2in1 boom stand at a glance:

  • ATTENTION: Bulky items
  • Stable steel construction
  • Loadable up to 20 kilograms
  • Can be used as a boom or lamp tripod
  • Adjustable tripod leg extends possible uses
  • Various lighting situations can be implemented
  • Stepless height adjustment up to four meters
  • The boom can be swiveled 180 degrees up / down
  • Integrated spring damping
  • Screw caps for secure locking
  • Connection socket with 29.5 mm diameter
  • Retractable 5/8 "spigot
  • Complete with rolls and (unfilled) sandbag

M-6 2in1 steel boom stand for large professional studios

TheJinbei M-6 2-in-1 boom stand is an extremely stable steel lamp tripod forprofessional photo and film studio. As a 2in1 tripod, it is suitable as a boom or lamp tripod and carries up to20 kilograms weight.

With the M-6 you can implement a wide variety of lighting options with studio flash units, flash heads, LED continuous light or spotlights. Whether from the side, at an angle or from the front, high above or low below, with the tiltable boom arm position your light quickly in all positions.

2-in-1 tripod with flexible application options

The Jinbei M-6 is suitable as a “pure” lamp tripod with ar Working height of up to four meters or as a boom stand for quick and variable lighting. The boom arm, which can be extended from 111.5 to 180 centimeters, sits in the center column to save space when not in use. To use the studio tripod as a boom tripod, pull the boom completely out of the center column and move it over the joint180 degrees up or down in the desired position.

All Tripod sections are spring-dampened and can be locked using sturdy steel screw locks. Double center struts give the tripod legs additional stability. So that the steel tripod does not tip over under load, comes as Counterweight the sack to be filled with sand at the end of the boom arm.

Length-adjustable tripod leg compensates for differences in height

The Jinbei M-6 boom tripod has a special feature that extends its range of applications: aThe tripod leg is adjustable in length and in this way compensates for height differences on stairs, slopes or uneven floors.

With the three stable rollers from the scope of delivery, the lamp tripod is movable and the conversion of a mounting set is easier. The tripod glides easily over the studio floor without using a lot of force. Robust ones are used to fix the position Parking brakes .

The M-6 steel tripod with a Connection socket with 29.5 mm diameter and a retractable 5/8 inch spigot.

Technical data & scope of delivery

Material: steel
Colour: silver
Maximum working height: 408 cm
Minimum working height: 149 cm
Pack size: 142 cm
Boom arm tiltable / rotatable: 180 / --
Boom arm length: 111.5 / 180 cm
Boom arm thickness: 25-30 mm
Gallows balance weight: unfilled sandbag, included
Sections: 5
Sections can be locked via: Screw caps
Center column diameter: 25/30/35/40/45 mm
Damping: feather
Tripod legs: 25 x 25 mm
Stand area: Ø 120 mm
Maximum load: 20 kg
Own weight: 18.5 kg
Connections: Connection socket with 29.5 mm Ø, retractable 5/8 "spigot
Roll: 3, inclusive, with parking brake
Scope of delivery:

1 x Jinbei M-6 boom tripod
1 x Jinbei balance weight (empty sandbag)
3 x rolls

ATTENTION: Bulky goods (Please note ourShipping Information)

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