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All advantages of the DMII-4 studio flash at a glance:

  • Compact and lightweight studio flash
  • 400 Ws power, adjustable in 7 f-stops
  • Burning time up to 1 / 2,200 s (t = 0.5)
  • Recycling time max. 0.9 s
  • 32 channels, 16 groups
  • Daylight-like color temperature of 5,500 K
  • Modeling light: LED 15 W (4.100K 200 K))
  • Modeling light regulation: Off / 100% / proportional
  • Bowens S-type bayonet for maximum compatibility
  • Compatible withTR-Q7,TR-Q6,TR-V6,TRS-V


Jinbei Studioblitz DMII-4

The powerful lightweight for the home studio

Small but powerful - that is the motto of the new lightweight from Jinbei. The successor the DM Series 4 with 350 watt seconds offers good arguments to improve your performance by a whopping 50 watt seconds. After all, the amount of light is the most important criterion Daylight compatibility of 5,500 Kelvin to reach. The 400 watt seconds Strength DMII-4 studio flash therefore advertises with high luminous efficacy for a small price.

DMII-4, the new model with a lot of comfort

Our new DMII-4 studio flash is a little more handy, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. The device was specially designed for use in smaller photo studios as well as in Home studio designed. A high level of ease of use is therefore the trademark of this small flash unit.

Next to one integrated radio receiver the powerful flash unit has a high resolution LC display on the back of the device. The user-friendliness of the screen has been tailored to the ambitious amateur and semi-professional photographer. Especially in the small home studio, the handy and lightweight device is a must for anyone interested in Still life and people photography in portrait.

Jinbei Studioblitz DMII-4

  1. Photocell (infrared sensor)
  2. Modeling light / acoustic signal
  3. Test flash button
  4. Sync connector
  5. Connection for power cord and microfuse
  6. Radio mode button
  7. SET button
  8. Minus and plus buttons
  9. On / off switch

The effective control and operation of the Jinbei DMII-4

In order to be able to operate worldwide, the studio photographer needs a flash unit with a high voltage range. The present model DMII-4 has a Voltage compatibility of 90 to 265 volts . The setting of the device is clearly laid out and offers a structured operating menu. A total of 32 channels in 16 groups allow the flash unit to be integrated into a larger flash setting.

In studio photography, the photographer needs Radio remote controls to get an automated flash setting for the well-lit portrait. The DMII-4 is with the remote controls TR-Q7,TR-Q6,TR-V6andTRS-V compatible. The device also has a 3.5 millimeter jack input, with which other flash triggers can also be used.

Jinbei Studioblitz DMII-4Jinbei Studioblitz DMII-4

A high standard: time, aperture and lighting in photography

The quality of a photograph can be ideally achieved, especially in the interior, through the parameters of time, aperture and lighting. The reliable partner in terms of lighting design is called Jinbei DMII-4 . With a power level of 400 watt seconds, lighting similar to daylight can be generated with a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin. With a Recycling time of just once 0.05 to 0.9 seconds the camera can also be used in Series mode operate.

Individual lighting design in studio photography also includes soft boxes, reflectors or other accessories, which ideally match the Bowen's S-Type bayonet can be connected. The nimble and light DMII-4 studio flash unit transforms your home photo studio into one professional recording studio , which puts every model in the right light.

Jinbei Studioblitz DMII-4

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

400 Ws
Guide number:
Flash modes:
Synchronization modes:
Power control: M: 3.0 - 9.0 (1/64 - 1/1) Setting in whole f-stops or in 1/10 steps
Burning time (t = 0.5 s): 1/800 - 1 / 2,200 s
Recycling time: 0.1-0.9 s
Burst mode: Frames per second: 10
channels| Groups: 32 (00 - 31) 16 (A - J / L / O / P / Q / S / U))
Color temperature: 5,500 K 200 KK
Modeling lightRegulation: 15 W LED (4,100 K 200 K) off / 100% / proportionalal
Radio receiver: Integrated, 2.4 GHz, range 100 mm
Frequency band: 2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Radiated transmission power maximum: 6 dBm
Bowens S-type bayonet: Yes
Power supply: 195 - 245 V AC 50/60 Hz, fuse 15 A
Cooling: Fan / overheating protection
Further equipment:

Flash trigger: radio / sync cable (3.5 mm mini jack 5 V DC) / photocell (slave) / test flash trigger

LC display Umbrella holder Stand attachment Carrying handle Readiness indicator (acoustic, optical) Acoustic signal (can be switched off) Photo cell on / off Overheating warning "OH" Sleep mode: 15 min / 30 min / 60 min Sync connection 3.5 mm / sync voltage DC 5 Vng DC 5 V
Dimensions: 27 x 13.5 x 20.5 cm
Weight: 1.4 kg
Downloads: To the download center
Scope of delivery: 1x DMII-4 studio flash
1x protective cap
1x power cord
1x instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Uwe S.
Tolle Qualität

Ich bin 100 % zufrieden.

Aydin G.

Alles besten


Ich bin sehr zufrieden und würde den DMll-4 jederzeit weiter empfehlen

Kay-Uwe J.

DMII-4 Studioblitz

Volker S.
Viel Blitz für kleines Geld

Der Blitz leistet super Arbeit.
Einzig was ich nicht verstehe, warum die kleinste Blitzleistung bei 3.0 eingestellt ist. Entzieht sich meiner Logik. Vorallem da der Dm5 von 1.0 bis 7.0 und der DM6 von 1.0 bis 9.0 einzustellen ist.
Schon komisch und nicht ganz durchdacht glaube ich.