Doppelseitiger Faltreflektor 92 x 122 cm Jinbei

Double-sided folding reflector 92 x 122 cm


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All the advantages of the ddouble-sided collapsible reflectorat a glance:

  • Perfects the light
  • Two colors for different light characteristics
  • Increased contrasts silver or warmer light goldold)
  • Easy to fold
  • Ideal for on the go

Double-sided collapsible reflector 92 x 122 cm perfects the light

With the ovalJinbei double-sided collapsible reflectorWith an area of 92 x 122 centimeters, you can direct the light from your studio flash, your LED permanent light or natural light specifically onto the object or model to be photographed.

At the same time, you can perfect your photos by changing the characteristics of the light with the two colored reflective surfaces silver and gold. The collapsible reflector is ideal formobile usebecause it is quick to assemble, fold up and easy to transport.

  • The silver side increases the contrast
  • The golden side creates warm light ideal for skin tonesne

Specifications & amp; scope of delivery

Colours: Silver Gold
Size open:): 92 x 122 cm surface
Transport dimensions closed:): approx. 40 cm
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei double-sided collapsible reflector 92 x 122 cm