EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light
EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light
EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light
EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light
EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light
EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light
EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light
EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light

EF-200Bi BiColor LED permanent light


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All advantages of the EF-200Bi permanent light at a glance:

  • Constant light, ideal for video recording
  • Constant control over the lighting
  • Operation via app or separate remote control
  • Power supply via battery possible not includedg)
  • 9 different light effects
  • Color temperature adjustable from 2700 to 6500 K.
  • Illuminance of 30,700 lx on 0.5 m at 4200 K.K)
  • Natural color rendering CRi / TLCI greater than 977
  • 200 W power continuously adjustable

Jinbei EF-200Bi BiColor LED continuous light for photo and video

The Jinbei EF-200Bi BiColor LED continuous light with strong 200 watts of power looks like a classic on the outside Jinbei studio flash unit out. In the robust housing, however, is the most modern LED permanent light technology built in, which is perfect for use at Photo and video recordings suitable. The setting of different color temperatures offers you a wealth of creative lighting options. With the help of the operation via app or the separately available remote control and the optional operation via batteries not included in the scope of delivery, you are also super flexible and can use your LED continuous light conveniently anywhere. Jinbei has thatm EF-200Bi the universal Bowens S-type bayonet for the use of Light shapers donated. This opens up a wide variety of options for designing the light. Their performance, flexibility and ease of use make the LED light a device that is equally interesting for hobbyists and professionals.

LED permanent light has many advantages

LED permanent light offers in the Photography and filming many advantages. At Pictures of children, portraits, fashion or animals The focus is on relaxed working with your model without annoying flashes. The constant control over the planned illumination is another advantage of ther Continuous light technology . This comes to you for many photographic tasks, for example in the Product and food photography to good. Videographers appreciate the flicker-free characteristics of the LED light .

In order to be able to record video recordings without loud sound, the EF-200Bi offers the option, the Turn off the fan. The maximum output in uncooled operation is then 30. With a power of 200 W and a variably adjustable one Color temperature from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin produces them constantly light similar to daylight with an illuminance of 30,700 lx at a distance of half a meter 4200 K and is a guarantee for recordings that can be reproduced at any time. An important parameter of thes EF-200Bi is the Color Rendering Index CRi for photographers and the Television Lighting Consistency Index TLCI for videographers. These indices provide information about the quality of the reproduced colors. Based on sunlight with a CRi or TLCI of 100, the Jinbei offers you continuous LED light with ainem CRi over 97 and one TLCI of over 97 optimal conditions for a natural and realistic color rendering. In addition, that is convincing LED permanent light with its lower heat generation and its reduced power consumption up to 90 percent less than an equivalent halogen lamp. In addition, there is the long, environmentally friendly service life.r.

Comfort features for easy operation

The desired Light output and Color temperature set with a rotary control on the back of the device. You can use the power in one percent steps and the Color temperature Set in 100 K steps. You can check all settings on the clear LC display.

Operation is more convenient with the optionally available Jinbei EF-RC LED remote control(Power and color temperature setting or the Jinbei TR-Q7 or TR-V6 radio remote controls only power setting. The remote controls save you a lot of walking with large structures in the studio or during on-location shootings. You can also control various LED permanent lights in groups. The EF-200Bi has for this purposeer 32 channels and 16 groups.

The EF-200Bi offers you a special highlight nine different light effects that you can use to simulate the light of a TV, a flickering lightbulb, a fireworks display, and various levels of thunderstorms and flashes. Like the Jinbei Studio flash units is the LED permanent light also with the universal one Bowens S-type bayonet for the use of Light shapers various providers equipped. You can fix studio umbrellas for versatile lighting in its umbrella holder. The permanent light has a spigot connection for mounting the robust and durable aluminum housing on a lamp tripod or on a boom.

Optionally, you can also use an adapter for your LED permanent light operate with one or two V-mount batteries , but these are not included in the scope of delivery. This gives you even more flexibility and allows you to take your EF-200Bi with you on location.

In order to exploit the full flexibility of this powerful LED light, it has Bluetooth and is Can be conveniently operated via the app. Simply download the Jinbei app from the Google Play Store or App Store and control one or more lights in groups.

Jinbei LED-Dauerlicht EF-200 BiColor

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

Light source:  LED, lifespan & gt; 100,000 h
Power: 200 W
Energy efficiency class:
Power control: 0 100 in 1 stepsten
Channels: 32 00 3131)
Groups: 16 A J / L / O / P / Q / S / U U)
Illuminance at 0.5 m:): & gt; 19,900 lx 2700 K, & gt; 30,700 lx 4200 K, & gt; 22,500 lx 6500 K500 K)
Beam angle: ˃ 120°
Color temperature: 2700 - 6500 K in 100 K steps
Color rendering index / CRi: Ra & gt; 97, Television Lighting Consistency Index TLCI & gt; 97
Light effects: TV Flickering Light Bulb Fireworks Thunderstorm Mode 1/2/3 Flashing Mode 1/2/3 / 3
Further equipment: LC display umbrella holder tripod attachment carrying handle fan can be switched off with a maximum output of 30n 30 %)
Remote control: Built-in radio receiver 2.4 GHz, reception range over 100 m; Optionally available Jinbei EF-RC LED remote control, with limited functions also Jinbei TR-Q7 / TR-V6 radio remote controlsen
Bluetooth: App operation, range & gt; 15 m
Note on the language setting of the Jinbei app
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Frequency band: 2.402-2.480 GHz
Max. Radiated transmission power: 6dBm
Power supply:

95 265 V 50/60 Hz fuse 4 A4 A
Battery operation through 1 or 2 V-Mount batteries through EF-VM adapter max. 14.8 V each possible not included in the scope of delivery:en:
Battery life:
2 V-mount battery 220 Wh:
100 power: 100 minn
50 power: 200 minn
10 power: 1000 minn

Fan volume: below 42 db
Dimensions L x W x H:): 28 x 18.5 x 13.5 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Operating instructions, firmware, ... etc .: To the download center
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei EF-200Bi BiColor LED continuous light
1 x protective cap
1 x power cord
1 x instruction manual English Note: The German version of the instruction manual is under "Downloads" available.