EFD-500 LED permanent light
EFD-500 LED permanent light
EFD-500 LED permanent light
EFD-500 LED permanent light
EFD-500 LED permanent light
EFD-500 LED permanent light
EFD-500 LED permanent light
EFD-500 LED permanent light

EFD-500 LED permanent light


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All advantages of the EFD-500 LED permanent light at a glance:

  • The device consists of the light head and the control box,in order to be able to operate it easily even when mounting e.g. on the ceiling
  • Dual power supply (mains or battery possible, batteries not included))
  • 500 W power continuously adjustable
  • 5500 K color temperature similar to daylight
  • 5 different light effects with 10 frequencies each
  • Ideal for video recordings
  • App operation
  • Fan can be switched off (with a max. Power of 30%)
  • CRI color rendering index over 97 & TLCI over 98
  • above357,000 lx Illuminance at 0.5 m with reflector
  • Bowens S-type for maximum compatibility
  • 32 channels, 16 groups, compatible with EF-RCRemote control for LED permanent lights
  • Incl. Practical transport bag

EFD-500 LED-Dauerlicht von Jinbei

The Jinbei LED permanent light EFD-500 with 500 watts of power

Our Continuous light EFD-500 is with 500 watts the big brother of theEFD-300 and offers a Daylight-like color temperature of 5500 K and five different lighting effects, each with ten frequencies, which are absolutely ideal for Video recordings . The Color rendering index CRI of the light is included over 97 . The TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index), a key figure for evaluating lighting quality, is over 98.

Jinbei EFD-500 LED-Dauerlicht

But also the Illuminance of the device is considerable. The EFD-500 has 357,000 lux at 0.5 meters with reflector . Light setups can be done in 32 channels and 16 groups be divided, which makes the preparation of shootings easier. In addition, the devices are compatible with theRemote control EF-RC operable and also have a DMX-512 control .

EFD-500 Jinbei Jinbei EFD-500 LED-Dauerlicht

The EFD-500 is used as a Set of light head and control box With practical accessories sold. The special feature: The light head can be attached to the Operate the control box . This allows users to mount the light on the ceiling, for example, and not only on the control box, but even from the floor operate via app : Android:Studio; iOS:Jinbei.

Jinbei EFD-500 LED-Dauerlicht Jinbei EFD-500 LED-Dauerlicht

It can via power supply and also battery pack with electricity The batteries are not included in the scope of delivery but can be purchased separately. Also a big one Selection of light shapers is thanks Bowens S-type bayonet usable, which promises maximum compatibility.

Jinbei EFD-500 LED-DauerlichtJinbei kompatibler V-Mount-Akku

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Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

Power: 500 watts
Power control: 0 100%, in 1% stepsn
Color temperature: 5500 K 200 KK
Color rendering index (CRI): & gt; 97
Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI): & gt; 98

with EF-7 "reflector:
357,600 lx (0.5 m)
61,080 lx (1 m)
25,000 lx (1.5 m)
13,230 lx (2 m)
without reflector:
84,980 lx (0.5 m)
19,190 lx (1 m)
8,595 lx (1.5 m)
4,745 lx (2 m)

Channels: 32 channels (00 31))
Groups: 16 groups (A J / L / O / P / Q / S / U))
Light effects: TV Flickering lightbulb Fireworks Thunderstorm mode Flashing mode - each has a frequency of 1 - 10- 10
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Frequency band: 2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Max. Radiated transmission power: 6 dBm
Bowens S-type bayonet: Yes
Battery operation: Battery operation with 1 or 2 V-mount batteries
possible on control box not included in scope of deliveryn

Note: The EFD-500 can achieve half the power with one and full power with two V-mount batteries (26 V / 8.5 A, 28.8 V / 29.6 V / 7.5 A). If you use 14.4V rechargeable batteries, you will need two, as operation with one will not work.
Battery life: 1 V-mount battery: max. 150 W 26 V, 290 Wh::
100% power: 65 min
50% power: 130 min
10% power: 650 min
2 V-Mount batteries: max. 500 W 26 V, 290 Wh::
100% power: 56 min
50% power: 112 min
10% power: 560 min
2 V-Mount batteries: max. 500 W 26 V, 260 Wh::
100% power: 50 min
Power supply: Light head: Input: 105 V DC max. 5 A 525 W. W
Control box: Input: 100 240 V AC 50/60 Hz max. 4.8 A 530 W.30 W
Input: 21.6 - 33.6 V DC max. 10 A 500 W. W
Output: 105 V DC max. 5 A 530 W. W
Remote control: Integrated 2.4GHz range & gt; 100 m m
Compatible remote control: EF-RC remote control for LED permanent lights
Bluetooth function: App operation "Jinbei (Studio)", range & gt; 15 m
Note on the language setting of the Jinbei app
Further equipment:

Control box with LC display
Light head with umbrella holder, tripod attachment, carrying handle, U-bracketung
Fan (volume fan: <35 dB, can be switched off with a maximum output of 30%)
Beam angle 1200°
DMX 512 control
Control box bracket compatible with light stands with a central column diameter of 30 40 mmm

Dimensions: Light head: 28 x 19 x 20 cm
Control box: 11.5 x 14.5 x 31.5 cm
Control box power cord: 4.20 m
Cable control box - light head: 3 m
Light head: 3.5 kg
Control box: 3.4 kg
Downloads: To the download center
Scope of delivery: 1x EFD-500 light head
1x EFD-500 control box
1x EF-7 "reflector 70°
1x light stand holder for the control box
1x protective cap
1x power cable (control box - socket)
1x cable (light head - control box)
1x carrying case