EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel inkl. L-10 Tischstativ Jinbei
EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel inkl. L-10 Tischstativ Jinbei
EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel inkl. L-10 Tischstativ Jinbei
EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel inkl. L-10 Tischstativ Jinbei

EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel incl.L-10 table tripod


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All advantages of the EFII-20 BiColor Panel at a glance:

  • Power supply from the mains or battery
  • Ideal for use in the studio and on the go
  • L-10 table stand included
  • Illuminance of over 5,400 lx on 0.5 m
  • High color accuracy for photographers and filmmakers CRI & gt; 95, TLCI & gt; 988)
  • No annoying flash light
  • Flicker-free light characteristics are ideal for video recordings
  • Constant control over the lighting
  • Variable brightness and color temperature
  • Operation via clear display
  • Remote control with the separately available Jinbei LED remote control EF-RC
  • Large beam angle and high illuminance
  • Low power consumption, constant color temperature, long service life
  • Power supply included

Jinbei EFII-20 BiColor LED panel for photo and video with a practical table tripod

With the new Jinbei EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel Jinbei offers a compact LED permanent light with interesting highlights. In the first place are the large, softly illuminable area in the Angles greater than 120° as well as the dual power supply from the mains or via a separately available battery, which enables extremely flexible working in the Studio or on location enables. In addition, there is a high level of color accuracy for perfect Photo and video recordings and individually adjustable light parameters. In contrast to the predecessor model EF-20, the panel can now be operated via a clear display and via remote control. In addition, the performance can be steplessly and the Color temperature up to 6500 K Set in 100 K steps. The practical Table stand L-10 offers you flexible options for the right lighting and is included directly in the scope of delivery.

Almost limitless photography and filming

The outstanding technology feature in EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel is that it can be supplied with power from the mains as well as from a battery. If there are long photo shoots or video sessions in the studio, you can work without interruption with power from the socket with the help of the included power supply. When recording outside of the studio, you are with the separately available powerful Jinbei lithium battery pack NP-F970 from Sony® mobile, independent and ready for use at any time.

Note: There are also other manufacturers of NP-F970 Sony batteries for which we cannot guarantee compatibility with our LED permanent lights!!

High color accuracy for photographers and filmmakers

For Photographers and filmmakers the color accuracy of a light source is extremely important. This is measured using the Color Rendering Index CRi for photographers and the Television Lighting Consistency Index TLCI for videographers. These indices provide information about the quality of the reproduced colors; the ideal value for both is 100. That Das Jinbei EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel offers with one CRi over 95 and a TLCI over 98 optimal conditions for natural and realistic color rendering.

LED permanent light with many advantages

The most modern LED permanent light technology offers many advantages for photography and filming. At Children, portraits, fashion or animals Relaxed work with your model without annoying flashes is the focus. Constant control of the plannede Illumination is another positive aspect of the Continuous light technology . This comes to you for many photographic tasks, for example in the Product and food photography to good. Videographers appreciate the flicker-free characteristics of the LED light .

Variable brightness and color temperature, low heat generation, reduced power consumption

With adjustable brightness and a variable one Color temperature from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin you can easily set the desired light on your EFII-20 and it offers you reproducible images at any time. You can set the required lighting parameters with a rotary control on the back of the device. You can use the EFII-20 to create an area in Angles greater than 120° illuminate and achieve an illuminance of half a meter away over 5400 lux .

With the manual Jinbei EF-RC LED remote control regulate the performance and Color temperature individually. With a range of up to 100 m, it is perfect for on location shootings.

In addition, that is convincing LED permanent light with its lower heat generation and reduced power consumption up to 90 percent less than an equivalent halogen lamp. In addition, there is the long, environmentally friendly service life.r.

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

Light source: LED
Power: 20 W adjustable 1 - 1000%)
Energy efficiency class:
Illuminance: over 5400 lx at 0.5 m
Beam angle: over 120°
Color temperature: 2700 - 6500 K, in 100 K steps
Color rendering index / CRi: Ra & gt; 95
Television Lighting Consistency Index TLCI:): & gt; 98
Channels: 16 0-155)
Groups: 10 A - JJ)
Remote control: via EF-RC LED remote control
Frequency band: 2.402-2.482 GHz
Power supply: Lithium-ion battery, sold separately, Jinbei NP-F970 Sony batteryku)

Note: There are also other manufacturers of NP-F970 Sony batteries for which we cannot guarantee compatibility with our LED permanent lights!!
Further equipment: LC display, 1/4 "tripod thread, hot shoe adapter, flap doors, diffuser, cooling
Dimensions L x W x H:): 20.0 x 16.0 x 6.0 cm
Weight: 420 g
Power supply input: 100 240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1.5 AA
Power supply output: 7.5 V, 2.0 A
Table tripod maximum load: 1.8 kg
Table tripod working height minimal: 5.5 cm
Table stand dimensions L x W x H:): 15.5 x 4.2 x 4.2 cm closedn)
Table tripod connection: 1/4 "screw
Compatible with: EF-12 BiColor LED Panel, EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel, A-5 mobile phone holder with ball head holder
Operating instructions, firmware, ... etc .: To the download center
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei EFII-20 BiColor LED Panel
1 x set of flap gate
1 x diffuser
1 x power supply
1 x Jinbei L-10 table tripod
1 x English user manualh)

Note: The German version of the operating instructions is available in the "Downloads" tab.