EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light
EFT-360 RGB rod light

EFT-360 RGB rod light


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All advantages of the EFT-360 RGB rod light at a glance:

  • Compact LED tube light with display
  • 216 LEDs in warm white and cold white and 102 RGB LEDs, continuously adjustable
  • Color temperature 2,000 - 10,000 K
  • RGB mode with HUE: 360, SAT: 0 - 100 and INT: 0 - 1000 %
  • 20 different light effects e.g. thunderstorms, police, SOSS)
  • App operation via Bluetooth function
  • Power supply possible through the supplied power supply unit and rechargeable batteries
  • 1/4 "tripod thread
  • Including handle, barndoors and magnetic adhesive plates for the back

Jinbei EFT-360 RGB-Stableuchte

The mobile Jinbei LED tube light EFT-360 with RGB colors

The EFT-360 RGB is a mobile LED rod light With variable color temperature and RGB colors . The color temperature can be set between 2,000 and 10,000 K, depending on the user 360 RGB colors with adjustable saturation and brightness available.

Jinbei EFT-360 RGB-Stableuchte

Jinbei EFT-360 RGB-Stableuchte

With their 318 LEDs in cold white, warm white and RGB as well as a performance of 23 watts the lamp is perfect for colorful recordings and video shootings on road. But it's not just about the colors EFT-360 RGB to offer, but also up to 20 lighting effects , such as fire, flashing lights or party lights. This guarantees a playful background for photos and videos.

Jinbei EFT-360 RGBJinbei EFT-360 RGB

With all of this it is a absolute lightweight ! It's easy to hold and assemble (¼ inch tripod thread included) The alignment of the light is also very easy as it is about Barndoors disposes.

Jinbei EFT-360 RGB-Stableuchte

Jinbei EFT-360 RGB-Stableuchte

On top is the light can be operated via app (Android:Jinbei Studio; iOS:Jinbei) and also comes with Magnetic adhesive plates for the back, which means it can easily be attached to metal surfaces.

A is available separatelyadditional battery set, the end two batteries and one Double charger consists.

Jinbei EFT-360 RGB-Stableuchte

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

power: 23 W
Color temperature: 2,000 - 10,000 K in 50 K steps
Color rendering index: 95 CRIRI)
Television Lighting Consistency
Energy efficiency class:
Number of LEDs:  216 warm white and cool white and 102 RGBRGB)
Power regulation: 0 - 100 in 1 stepsen

With diffuser, 1 meter:
CCT: 2000 K: 742 lx 5500 K: 1297 lx |
10000 K: 754 lx
RGB: R: 169 lx G: 216 lx B: 34 lxlx


Lighting effects:

20: TV / color temperature cycle / RGB color
Multi / Blue Multi / Green Multi / Red Multi / Party Slow / Party Fast / Ambulance / Fire Brigade / Warning Light / SOS / High / Low Beam / Paparazzi / Breathing / Flame / Police / Thunderstorm / Fireworks / Flickering lightbulbirne

Battery operation: Battery operation through 2x 3.7 V / 18.5 Wh
26650 lithium-ion batteries possible
Battery life:  & gt; 75 minutes
Bluetooth function: 

App operation, range & gt; 15 m
Bluetooth version 4.2, frequency band: 2.402-2.480 GHz, max.emitted transmission power: 6 dBm
Note on the language setting of the Jinbei app

Power supply: Power adapter: 
Input AC 100 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 7.5 V / 3.2 A / 24 W.
Further equipment: RGB mode:
HUE: 360°
SAT: 0 - 100%
INT: 0 - 100%
Display 1/4 tripod thread Carrying handle Barndoors Magnetic adhesive plates for the backseite
Dimensions:  56.3 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm L x W x HH)
Weight:  472 g without barndoorss)
Downloads: To the download center
scope of delivery:

EFT-360 RGB LED tube light,Barndoors, power supply unit, 2 batteries, battery charger, 2 magnetic adhesive plates, carrying case, operating instructions