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Replacement flash tube


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All advantages of the replacement flash tube at a glance:

  • Replacement flash tube restores operational readiness
  • Available for various Jinbei studio flashes
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Strong performance and high quality
  • Long lifetime

Replacement flash tube for various Jinbei studio flash units

These Jinbei flash tube replaces the flash tube on yours if necessary Studio flash and restores its operational readiness! The easy and quick exchange is done by pulling out the old respectively Inserting the new flash tube .

Notes on changing the flash tube

Switch off the flash to change the flash tube, disconnect it from the power supply and wait until the protective bell and tube are cold. In any case, please use clean cotton gloves or a microfiber cloth to change.

Carefully pull off the protective cover. Wrap the twisted ignition wire from the flash tube holder and carefully pull the lamp out of the device. To insert a new flash tube, support the legs of the replacement tube and carefully slide it into the end position. Then wrap the ignition wire around the flash tube holder again and put the protective cover back on.

Technical details & scope of delivery

Available for:

  • Jinbei HD-610 / HD-601 HSS cordless studio flashes
  • Jinbei HD-600 studio flash
  • Jinbei HD-400 TTL battery studio flash
  • Jinbei HD-400 Pro TTL battery studio flash
  • Jinbei SPARK II-300 / -400 (2018) studio flash
  • Jinbei SPARK III-400 studio flash
  • Jinbei MSN TTL 600 & 800 studio flashes
  • Jinbei MSN III-800 studio flash
  • Jinbei MSN III-600 studio flash
  • Jinbei MSN III-400 studio flash
  • Jinbei Pilot III-1200 Pro studio flash
  • Jinbei DM-3 / -4 / -5 / -6
  • Jinbei DPE II-600 / -800 studio flash
  • Jinbei MARS-3 TTL Porty studio flash
  • Jinbei MARS-3 TTL Pro Porty studio flash
  • Jinbei DII-200 / -250 studio flash
  • Jinbei EII-200 / -250 studio flash
  • Jinbei DPX-400 / -600 / -800 / -1000 studio flash
  • Jinbei MSN 400 Pro / 600 Pro / 800 Pro / 1200 Pro studio flash

Scope of delivery:

1 x Jinbei replacement flash tube for various Jinbei studio flash units