Gegengewicht für Lampenstative Jinbei
Gegengewicht für Lampenstative Jinbei

Counterweight for lamp tripods


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All advantages ofCounterweightat a glance:

  • Can be filled flexibly with sand
  • Prevents tipping over
  • Avoids damage to the equipment
  • Robust zippers
  • For use in the studio and on location

Counterweight gives stability to studio tripods

TheJinbei counterweight Pocket-shaped has two zippered compartments that you can hold up to a totalfive kilograms of sandfilled. On lamp tripods you attach the sandbag to the center column or put it over a tripod leg. With the balance weight you ensure the solid stand of the tripod,prevent tipping over and possible damage to the equipment.

With the boom stand, the sandbag belongs to the end of the extension arm. Because of the balance weightthe focus shifts from a heavy combination of flash and light shapers to the center of the tripod. The counterweight minimizes the risk of the gallows tipping forward and you make sensible use of the maximum height and load capacity of your gallows tripod.

Specifications & amp; scope of delivery

Colour: Black with blue stripes
Dimensions W x H:): 25.2 x 24.0 cm
Loadable weight: 5 kg
scope of delivery 1 x Jinbei counterweight - sandbag unfilledt)