HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS
HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS

HD-2 Pro clip-on flash 80 WS


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All advantages of the HD-2 Pro clip-on flash at a glance:

  • Attachable flash with rechargeable battery - ideal for on the go
  • Electric zoom head
  • 80 Ws output adjustable in 9 f-stops
  • Touch display for easy operation
  • TTL mode, HSS mode, synchronization on 1st shutter curtain, synchronization on 2nd shutter curtain
  • Burning time up to 1 / 10,000 s
  • Recycling time max. 1.2 s
  • 31 channels, 6 groups
  • Color temperature of 5500 K
  • Modeling light: COB-LED 3 W (3200 K - 3500 K)
  • Battery operation with over 350 releases
  • Trigger function to control other Jinbei flashes
  • Including lithium polymer battery, bounce card and accessory shoe
  • Flash head can be tilted by over 90 and rotated by almost 180ar
  • Super compact with only 450 g (without battery)
  • Compatible with TR-Q7, TR-Q6 / Canon, Sony *, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus cameras (* Sony only with separately available adapter)

The HD-2 Pro clip-on flash is the powerful light solution if you need a clip-on flash for your camera on the go. He has one Lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh and thus achieves a Power of 80 Ws , each of which is adjustable in 9 f-stops.

With a single battery charge you can reach over 350 releases so that you have enough power on the go to illuminate your subjects exactly the way you want them. The flash is compatible with Canon, Sony *, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus cameras as well as with the wireless transmitters TR-Q7 and TR-Q6 * Sony, it is compatible with a separately available adapter.

And of course this is also possible in very quick sequences, because the Recycling time of lightning is only 1.2 seconds . But also the Burn-off time of the attachment flash is impressive because it is up to 1 / 10,000 s .

The following modes can be used with the flash. The TTL mode, the HSS mode, a synchronization on the 1st shutter curtain and also a synchronization on the 2nd shutter curtain.

  1. With TTL you can enjoy convenient automatic functions that change with changing light conditions during Outdoor shoots prove to be very advantageous, as they save you the constant manual correction of the flash output on the device.
  1. The Short-term synchronization HSS (only in manual mode) enables faster shutter speeds than the usual flash sync times. Depending on the camera model, this can be up to 1/8500 second . With extremely short exposure times you can freeze fast movements, flash against the sun and use more open apertures Portraits outdoors.

  2. In the Synchronization to the first shutter the flash is triggered at the beginning with a short sync time and then the ambient light is used to display the movement.

  3. In the Synchronization to the second shutter will lightning at the end of the
    Shutter speed triggered with a short flash-off time after the motion is captured over the ambient light.

Note: TTL and HSS modes cannot be used together.

Sometimes, of course, you need different settings for different shoots. And you can easily do that on Touch display set the flash. You can change your flash settings in 31 channels and 6 groups organize. The touch display is an absolute novelty for clip-on flashes. With the large overview of the LC displays This also results in particularly simple operation.

Particularly creative work is made possible by two additional functions that the flash has.

  1. The HD-2 Pro does not have to be used as a clip-on flash, but can also be positioned independently of the camera for more targeted lighting. This is a Flash stand with a ¼ thread included. The flash is then controlled by a separate Jinbei radio transmitter..

With all these functions, this flash is extremely compact and weighs only 450 grams without the battery, so you can easily take it with you anywhere without having to carry heavy luggage with you.

TECHNICAL DATA, scope of delivery & downloads

power 80 Ws
Guide number 60
Flash modes M, TTL(Can not be used together with HSS)
Synchronization modes Normal, HSS(Can not be used together with TTL), Synchronization to the 1st shutter curtain, synchronization to the 2nd shutter curtain
Power regulation M / HSS: 1.0 - 9.0 (1/256 - 1/1) / TTL: 3.0 EVV
Burning time (t = 0.5 s) 1/800 - 1 / 10,000 s
 Power level: Flash duration (T 0.1)
9 1/792
8th 1/1390
7th 1/3530
6th 1/6170
5 1/6540
4th 1/10800
3 1/11100
2 1/11700
1 1/12000
Test by Seknonic L-858D
ISO 100 T = 1/125
1 meter
Recycling time 0.05 - 1.2 s
channels 31 (01 - 31)
groups 6 (A - F)
Color temperature 5500 200 KK
Modeling light LED COB 3 W (3200 K 300 K))
Radio receiver Integrated, 2.4 GHz
Bowens S-type bayonet no, but adapters sold separately
Power supply Battery operation only
Battery operation

Lithium polymer battery 11.1 V DC 10 A / 11.1 Wh / 1000 mAh
Input max. 1.5 A, 12.6 V
Battery life: 300 charging cycles (up to 80% capacity)

Input: 100 - 240 V ~ 0.5 A, 50/60 Hz
Output: 12.6 V DC 1 A / 12.6 W

Trips in battery mode ˃ 350
Further equipment Electric zoom head 0 - 5 / AO (28 - 105 mm) / Canon RT mode on / off (ID: 00 - 99) (For flashes up to serial number DK in the alphabet (HD2DKXXXXX) only possible in master mode, from serial number DL in alphabetical order, i.e. HD2DLXXXXX, HD2E.XXXXXX ... also possible in slave mode)
Sleep mode (automatic shutdown): 15 min (20 min) / 20 min (40 min)
Support SYNC-X / firmware upgrade / factory reset
LCD touch screen /
Trigger function to control other Jinbei flashes
Flash head can be tilted by over 90 and rotated by almost 180ar
Compatible radio remote controls Jinbei TR-Q7, TR-Q6
Compatible cameras Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony (only with separately available adapter)
Dimensions 21.5 x 8 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 450 g without battery)
Operating instructions, firmware, etc .:: To the download center
scope of delivery

1 x HD-2 Pro clip-on flash
1 x lithium polymer battery
1 x charger including cable
1 x bounce card
1 x accessory shoe
1 x carrying case
1 x English instruction manual

Note: The German version of the operating instructions is available in the download center.

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Nathan D.
Schnelle Lieferung, funktioniert Einwandfrei

Gibt nichts zu beanstanden, gerne wieder.

Erwin V.
Excellent flash for a very sharp price.

Very well built flash. Battery reloads very fast. Gives nice lighting with portrait photograpy

Martin v.d.T.
Good flash-system!

Good flash, well integrated in Jinbei flash system, works very good together with other Jinbei (studie)flashes very easy to use (simple menu)!

Jens E.
Super Shop tolle Artikel

Haben den Blitz nun auf einer Hochzeit und auf 3 Familienshootings ausprobieren können. Ich bin wirklich 100% zufrieden. Echt tolle Qualität. Ich werden die Produkte von Jinbei definitiv weiter empfehen.

Wilfried S.
HD-2 Pro

Schnelle Lieferung,guter Preis. Der HD-2 Pro ist ein hervorragender Aufsteckblitz, einfach zu bedienen und leistungfähig!

Jörg-Uwe J.
Jinbei-HD-2 Pro

Super Gerät für wenig Geld. Schnelle Lieferung! Gerne wieder!

Bin zufrieden

Alles bestens


Schnell, guter Preis, einfaches handling. Super Gerät! Jederzeit gerne wieder. Sehr seriöse Firma. Top!