KC Umbrella Softbox with Grid


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All advantages ofKC Umbrella Softbox seriesat a glance:

  • Flexible lighting design for fashion, portrait and fashion photos
  • How to quickly open an umbrella
  • Silver inside for soft, high-contrast light
  • Diffusers for soft, diffused, non-reflecting light
  • Grid / honeycomb for soft, more focused light
  • Bowens S-type bayonet
  • Freely rotatable thanks to the speed ring
  • Space-saving storage
  • Ideal for the studio and on location

KC Umbrella Softbox series with a practical umbrella mechanism

The rectangular oneJinbei KC Umbrella Softbox With its soft and natural light, it is the ideal main light for fashion, portrait and fashion shots and creates a natural-looking reflex light in the eyes. It is super easy to set up and takes just a few seconds.Open like an umbrella, mount on the light source done!g!

Thanks to the quick operational readiness and the robust and resilient shade construction, the light shaper is the ideal partner for youflexible illumination in the studio or on location. The interplay of the standard diffusers and the honeycomb make the Jinbei KC Softbox a very flexible tool for optimal motif illumination.

From high contrast to directed

Soft, high-contrast light with harder shadows comes from the silver inside of the light shaper.Soft, scattered light is available with the two translucent diffusers that are easy to mount on the softbox.

Of theInternal diffuser additionally reduces the emergence of a brighter light area in the center of the hotspot. Of ther External diffuser creates an enlarged illuminated area and fanned the light further. Both diffusers additionally minimize the formation of disturbing reflections on shiny surfaces, a fact that is of great benefit in portrait and product photography.t.

The included blackGrid reduces the amount of scattered light, aligns the light more towards the center and makes the outside areas darker. The softbox with attached honeycomb lights up the motif without changing the soft light charactermore precise and controlled out.

Versatile use

About theBowens S-type bayonet the KC Softbox fits many studio flash units, rechargeable studio flashes and LED continuous lights with the appropriate connection. The speed ring can be rotated 360 degrees for the perfect alignment of the light former.

When closed, the light shaper is very slim and takes up little space in your photo luggage. So it is perfect for thatmobile use and can be easily taken to all shootings. For use outside the studio or for space-saving storage, the softbox and accessories fit comfortably into the scope of deliveryTransport bag.

Technical details

Shape: rectangular
Dimensions: KC 60 x 90: 60 x 90 cm W x H, 50 cm deep, 73 cm long foldedtet)
KC 70 x 120: 70 x 120 cm W x H, 50 cm deep, 80 cm long foldedtet)
Foldable: Umbrella construction
Rotatable: 360°
Color inside: silver
Color outside: black
Diffuser: outside, inside, white
Connection: Bowens S-type
Weight: KC 60 x 90: 1.7 kg
KC 70 x 120: 1.9 kg


Bowens S-type bayonet
Walimex K bayonet, DS series, VC series, Walimex Pro bayonet and series with identical bayonett)
scope of delivery 1 x KC 60 x 90 or KC 70 x 120 Umbrella Softbox
1 x speed ring
1 x internal diffuser
1 x external diffuser
1 x grid
1 x transport bag