LR-480C 18 LED ringlight
LR-480C 18 LED ringlight
LR-480C 18 LED ringlight
LR-480C 18 LED ringlight
LR-480C 18 LED ringlight

LR-480C 18 LED ringlight


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All the advantages of theLR-480C LED ring lightat a glance:

  • Perfect for beauty shots and vlogs
  • Infinitely adjustable warm or white light (3200 - 6500 K)
  • Illuminance of over2,500 lx at 5,500 K on 0.5 m
  • 480 LEDs, output of 48 W continuously adjustable
  • State-of-the-art LED technology, color rendering index / CRi greater than 96
  • Electricity consumption by 90% hardly reduces heat generationg
  • Diameter 18 "
  • Nice circular reflex in the model's eye
  • Incl. Light lamp tripod and mobile phone holder

LR-480C LED-Ringlicht

Jinbei LR-480C LED ring light 18 "incl. L-180 lamp stand

The Jinbei LR-480C LED ring light 18 "is an LED ring light that is perfect for use in photo and video recordings in portrait format, for example for your vlog. The setting of different color temperatures offers you a wealth of creative lighting options.

Jinbei has that LR-480C donated a spigot connector. Its ease of use makes the LED light a device that is equally interesting for hobbyists and professionals.

Jinbei LR-480C LED-Ringlicht

LED permanent light has many advantages

LED permanent light offers many advantages in photography and filming. When taking portraits or beauty shots, the focus is on relaxed working with your model. Constant control of the planned Illumination is another advantage of the permanent light technology. This comes to you for many photographic tasks, for example in the Product and food photography to good. Videographers appreciate them for their shoot flicker-free Characteristics of the LED light and the soft light that the ring light produces, which is a particularly beautiful highlight that creates a ring-shaped reflex in the eyes.

Jinbei LR-480C LED-Ringlicht

With an output of 48 W and a variably adjustable color temperature of 3200 to 6500 Kelvin it produces constant daylight-like light with an illuminance of over 2,500 lx at 5,500 K.  at a distance of half a meter and is a guarantee for recordings that can be reproduced at any time.

An important parameter of the LR-480C is the color rendering index (CRi) for photographers. This index provides information about the quality of the reproduced colors. Based on sunlight with a CRi of 100, the Jinbei offers you continuous LED light with a CRi over 96 optimal conditions for a natural and realistic color rendering.

In addition, that is convincing LED permanent light with its lower heat generation and reduced power consumption (up to 90 percent less than an equivalent halogen lamp). In addition, there is the long, environmentally friendly service life.

Jinbei LR-480C LED-Ringlicht

Comfort features for easy operation

The desired Light output and color temperature set with a rotary control on the back of the device. With the equipment included in the scope of delivery, you are already fully equipped to start your vlog. First, mount the ring light with its spigot connector on the L-180 lamp stand, then simply slide the mobile phone holder into the connection provided, then just switch your ring light on, switch it on as desired and you're ready to go walk.

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

Light source: 480 LEDs
Power: 48 W
Power control: 0 100% in 1% stepsn
Beam angle: approx. 120°
Illuminance: 3,200 K: 2,548 lx (0.5 m)
881 lx (1 m)
423 lx (1.5 m)
4,500 K: 2,812 lx (0.5 m)
935 lx (1 m)
447 lx (1.5 m)
5,500 K: 2,553 lx (0.5 m)
831 lx (1 m)
406 lx (1.5 m)
Color temperature: 3200 - 6500 K
Color rendering index: Ra & gt; 96
Further equipment: Spigot connection
Power supply: AC 100 250 V, 50/60 Hz, fuse 6.3 AA
Dimensions (L x W x H): 51 x 48 x 5.8 cm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Material tripod: aluminum
Color tripod: black
Working height tripod: 180 cm (maximum), 50 cm (minimum)
Pack size tripod: 50 cm
Sections tripod: 4 (lockable with screw locks)
Center column diameter: 19/22/25/30 mm
Load capacity tripod: 3 kg (maximum)
Connections tripod: Spigot adapter with 3/8 "male thread
Weight tripod: 0.9 kg
Operating instructions, firmware, ... etc .: To the download center
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei LR-480C LED ring light 18 "
1 x L-180 lamp tripod 50 - 180 cm
1 x cell phone holder
1 x power cord
1 x instruction manual

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Sonja u.J.S.
Gute Leuchte für den Einstieg

Hallo, die Leuchte macht gemessen am Preis einen guten Eindruck. Die stufenlose Bicolorfunktion funktioniert gut, der Output ist mehr als ausreichend. Das Stativ+ Handyhalter erfüllt seinen Zweck nur leidlich, sodass es nur 4 Sterne werden konnten.

Andre J.
Sehr gut

Sehr schönes Produkt zu einem fairen Preis 👍🏻