M9 Reflektor 70 Grad Jinbei
M9 Reflektor 70 Grad Jinbei
M9 Reflektor 70 Grad Jinbei
M9 Reflektor 70 Grad Jinbei

M9 reflector 70 degrees


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All advantages of the M9 reflector at a glance:

  • Large beam angle, long range
  • Evenly illuminated area
  • High-contrast light with a 3D effect
  • Clear contours
  • Precise light control
  • Silver interior coating
  • Bowens S-type bayonet
  • For portrait and wedding photos
  • 30 and 60 grids available separatelyar

Flexible lighting design with Jinbei M9 reflector 70°

Of the Jinbei M9 reflector 70° with a silver inner coating, the light diffuses in one70 degree angle and reflects it evenly with long range. An intensely illuminated area is created withhigh contrasts. The deep design and theSilver coating with clear lines, the light reflections cross several times and thus become more even. The mixture of this softer light with the hard light, due to the precise light guidance, give the picture a real depth.

Technical data, scope of delivery & amp; Downloads

Shape: round
Diameter: 24 cm
Length: 19.5 cm
Arc length: 21 cm
Wall diameter: 1.5 mm
Illumination angle: 70°
Color inside: silver
Color outside: black
Connection: Bowens S-type
Weight: 350 g
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei M9 reflector 70°

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