Studioblitz Standard-Reflektor 55 Grad Jinbei
Studioblitz Standard-Reflektor 55 Grad Jinbei
Studioblitz Standard-Reflektor 55 Grad Jinbei

Studio flash standard reflector 55 degrees


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All advantages of the Jinbei standard reflector 55 at a glance::

  • Small, well-lit area
  • Pronounced, hard shadows
  • Silver interior coating
  • Bowens S-type bayonet
  • For portrait and wedding photos
  • Jinbei JB-A accessory set and M / S grids available separately

Small gloss area

The JinbeiStandard reflector 55° with silver inner coating, the light diffuses at an angle of55 degrees and at the same time reflects it emphatically towards the middle. A small, intensely illuminated area is created, the pronounced,hard shadows surround.

Universal Bowens S-type bayonet

About the Bowens S-Type The bayonet fitsStandard reflector 55° to manyCordless / studio flash units (Jinbei / Bowens / Walimex lightning or Continuous lighting with appropriate connection.

Additionally available JB-A accessory set for more creativity

The separately available JB-A accessory set extends the area of application of theJinbei standard reflector 55°. Depending on whether you use the elements individually or in combination, the accessories set gives you many creative options for themSubject lighting.

With theColor filters you can dip your motif in a red, yellow or blue light. Of theHoneycomb constricts the light beam and creates a more intense, more directional, harder light. TheCasement gate has four individually movable flaps for an individual and exactLight control, from narrow spots to large-scale light.

Separately available Jinbei M / S grids for more control

With the separately available Jinbei M / S Grids you get more control over theIllumination. The two grids with different onesLighting angles narrow the light beam to narrower cones and produce a more intense, more directional, harder light. With theHoneycomb attachments you illuminate your motif more precisely and more controlled.

Specifications & amp; scope of delivery

Shape: round
Diameter: 20 cm
Length: 15 cm
Arc length: 15.5 cm
Wall diameter: 1.2 mm
Illumination angle: 55°
Colour: Silver inside, black outsideßen)
Connection: Bowens S-Type
Weight: 180 g
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei standard reflector 55°