TD-180 deep focus screen 180 cm with zoom focus system
TD-180 deep focus screen 180 cm with zoom focus system
TD-180 deep focus screen 180 cm with zoom focus system
TD-180 deep focus screen 180 cm with zoom focus system
TD-180 deep focus screen 180 cm with zoom focus system

TD-180 deep focus screen 180 cm with zoom focus system


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All the advantages of theTD-180 deep focus screenat a glance:

  • ATTENTION: Bulky items
  • More direct, even light with higher contrast
  • Built-in zoom-focus system for evenly reflected light
  • It is possible to focus the light cone and vary the shadows
  • Reproducible shifting of the light source by up to 40 cm
  • Easy to open using the click mechanism
  • Silver inner coating
  • Front diffuser for softer, less reflective light
  • 18 struts result in an almost round shape
  • Natural, round eye reflexes in portraits
  • The softbox / umbrella can be tilted
  • Including a practical counterweight
  • Space-saving storage
  • Practical transport bag included

Jinbei TD-180 Deep Focus Umbrella 180 cm with Zoom-Focus-System

The Jinbei TD-180 Deep Focus Umbrella 180cm is a softbox with a light characteristic that soft light for the Fashion, beauty, glamor and portrait photography supplies. In contrast to other softboxes, it provides even more direct light with higher contrast and harder shadows on the subject.

The built-in Zoom focus system enables you to use your umbrella much more flexibly. With the help of Focus rod move your light source in that Light shaper stepless. The light cone reflected in the screen is thus reflected at different angles and thus illuminates your motif with even, focused light, which tends to produce harder shadows. However, the hardness can be reduced by moving the Light source vary.
A great advantage of this construction is that the light does not show the point light source as in a normal softbox structure, but rather completely evenly reflected becomes. This works particularly well with parabolic deep softboxes that have a greater depth with the same diameter than standard softboxes.

The Deep focus umbrella is about the focus rod with the Bowens S-type bayonet and is suitable for many battery / studio flash units or LED permanent light lamps with the appropriate connection. With his Click mechanism the rods can be the Light shaper can be set up easily and quickly and is immediately ready for use in the studio or on location. To do this, tension the rods until they click into place and mount the shade on the light source - done! This works easiest if you always clamp opposing bars one after the other. The umbrella can be reassembled just as easily: You lift the individual rods by the Speedring base lightly, press the corresponding button and then let go of the stick.

2241_TD-180 Deep Fokus Schirm 180 cm mit Zoom-Fokus-System_Klick-Mechanismus

Variable lighting possible using the zoom-focus system

The hardness of the light, that means the hardness of the shadows on your motif, can be varied by moving the light source up to 40 cm . If you push the flash further into the screen, the beam angle of the reflected light is generally more focused and narrower. Thus the shadows become harder. If you push the flash further out of the screen, the beam angle of the light increases and the shadows are softer. The one on the Focus rod The scale shown helps you to reproduce the light settings without deviations.

2241_TD-180 Deep Fokus Schirm 180 cm mit Zoom-Fokus-System_Variable-Schattenhärte

You can easily tighten the focusing rod securely using a screw cap. At one end of the rod is the Bowen's flash head speed ring at which the light source, e.g. a Studio flash or a LED steady light , is simply put on over the Bowens S-type bayonet. The holder for the focus rod is firmly attached to the speedring base of the umbrella and completes the illuminated, reflective inner surface of the Light shapers . The holder of the focusing rod also has a tilt function, with which you can point the screen further up or down as you wish.

At the other end of the focus rod there is a hook to catch the one included in the delivery Sand counterweight to hang on. This prevents your Light shaper together with the light source gets out of balance if you use the Light source slide out of the screen. The Zoom focus system has one Spigot adapter to attach it to all common light stands.

2241_TD-180 Deep Fokus Schirm 180 cm mit Zoom-Fokus-System2

Flexible in the design of the light

The Jinbei Deep Focus Umbrella gives you additional options for designing your light. The included Front diffuser diffuses the light reflected from the silver inner coating and generates it gentle shadows for homogeneous illumination.

The 18-sided construction In addition, it creates an almost round softbox shape, which is noticeable in the eyes of a model in the form of round light reflections that appear more natural.

2241_TD-180 Deep Fokus Schirm 180 cm mit Zoom-Fokus-System_Gesicht

Stable, robust and versatile in everyday life

The Deep focus umbrella convinces with his stable and robust umbrella construction . The metal struts that stretch the cloth sit in pockets on the umbrella and are fixed to the speed ring base. The bracket of the Zoom focus system built-in.

In the screen there is an opening with a Velcro fastener through which you can lead the light source cable so that it does not hang in the way or affect the light.

For protection when not in use or for transport to shootings outside the home, stow the light shaper and accessories in the supplied one Transport bag .

Notes on the zoom focus system:
Make sure that the structure is stable and use a stable light stand, preferably one with castors, if you want to move the light source. The construction is more unstable than a construction in which the light source sits on the light stand and the light shaper sits directly on the light source because the light source floats freely here.
Only insert the light source into the zoom-focus system when you are actually using it, otherwise the weight of the flash head holder could permanently deform.
This structure is best suited for large rooms, as otherwise annoying reflections can arise on walls.

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

Shape: eighteen-sided (octodecagonal)
Interior color: silver
Adapter: Bowens S-type on the focusing rod (holder of the zoom-focus system on the softbox cannot be exchanged)
Dimensions open: 180 cm Ø
Arc length: 120 cm
Folded length: 135 cm
Zoom-focus system length: 92 cm
Weight umbrella alone: 3.2 kg
Weight of the complete zoom-focus system: 3 kg
Scope of delivery:

1 x Jinbei TD-180 Deep Focus Umbrella 180cm incl. Holder for focusing rod with reflective softbox adapter
1 x focus rod with Bowens flash head speed ring
1 x sand counterweight
1 x front diffuser, white
1 x transport bag
Note: The flash and the lamp tripod shown are not included in the scope of delivery.

ATTENTION: Bulky goods (Please note ourShipping Information)