EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light 60 W.
EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light 60 W.
EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light 60 W.
EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light 60 W.
EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light 60 W.

EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light 60 W.


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All the advantages of the EFII-60 LED Sun Light continuous light at a glance:

  • Power supply from the mains or battery
  • Ideal for use in the studio and on the go
  • Same battery type as for Jinbei EF-12 / EF-20 / EFII-20 BiColor / EFP-50 BiColor LED Panel, available separately from Jinbei
  • Illuminance of over 47,000 lx at 0.5 m (with reflector)
  • High color accuracy for photographers and filmmakers (CRI & gt; 96, TLCI & gt; 97)
  • Bowens S-type bayonet for many light shapers
  • No annoying flash light
  • Constant control over the lighting
  • Low power consumption, constant color temperature, long service life
  • Flicker-free light characteristics are ideal for video recordings
  • Infinitely variable power setting via rotary control
  • Informative LC display
  • Remote control with the separately available Jinbei EF-RC radio remote control

1033_EFII-60 LED Sun Light Dauerlicht 60 W Stromversorgung

EFII-60 LED Sun Light continuous light with dual power supply

With the Jinbei EFII-60 LED Sun Light continuous light Jinbei offers a compact LED permanent light with interesting highlights. In the first place comes the dual power supply from the mains or from the battery, which enables extremely flexible work in the studio or on location. There is also one high color accuracy for perfect photo and video recordings. The universal one Bowens S-type bayonet for a wide variety of light shapers and a wide range of options for designing the light, the technical equipment complements it.

1033_EFII-60 LED Sun Light Dauerlicht 60 W Behind the scenes

Almost limitless photography and filming

The outstanding technical feature of the EFII-60 LED continuous light is that it is both from the mains as well as via two batteries that are separately available from Jinbei can be supplied with electricity. If there are long photo shoots or video sessions in the studio, you can work without interruption with power from the socket. When recording outside of the studio you are with the separately available powerful lithium-ion batteries Jinbei NP-F970 Sony® mobile, independent and ready for use at any time. The choice of power supply is done quickly: connect the power cord or attach the batteries, Set AC or DC on the on / off switch - that's all.

1033_EFII-60 LED Sun Light Dauerlicht 60 W Erdbeere

Battery also fits other Jinbei battery LED continuous lights

The special thing about the separately available Jinbei NP-F970 Sony® Batteries of the EFII-60 are that they also fit the Jinbei EF-12 / EF-20 / EFII-20 BiColor / EFP-50 BiColor LED panels! These Interchangeability simplifies the handling of the devices enormously, makes your equipment clearer and less extensive. you need a single battery type for your permanent lights and always have mobile light at hand.

Note: There are other manufacturers of NP-F970 Sony as well® Batteries for which weNot can guarantee compatibility with our LED permanent lights!

High color accuracy for photographers and filmmakers

The color accuracy of a light source is extremely important for photographers and filmmakers. The measure for this is the Color rendering index (Color Rendering Index CRi) for photographers and the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) for videographers. Both give information about the quality of the reproduced colors, for both the ideal value is "100". The Jinbei LED continuous light offers with one CRi over 96 and one TLCI of over 97 optimal conditions for a natural and realistic color rendering .

Bowens S-type bayonet for professional lighting design

The Bowens S-type connector offers you all the possibilities professional and creative lighting with the EFII-60 LED permanent light. Light shapers that you have in stock for your studio flash units also fit on the EFII-60 via this widespread connection. When buying a new product, you can choose from a huge range of different providers.

1033_EFII-60 LED Sun Light Dauerlicht 60 W Baby

LED permanent light with many advantages

From the outside, the EFII-60 looks like a studio flash unit, but the latest is inside LED permanent light technology which offers many advantages when taking photos and filming. When taking pictures of children, portraits, fashion or animals relaxed work with your model - without annoying flashes - in the foreground. The constant Control over the planned illumination is another positive aspect of continuous light technology. You will benefit from this in many photographic tasks, for example in product and food photography. Videographers appreciate them for their shoot flicker-free characteristic of the LED light.

60 watt light output, low heat generation, reduced power consumption

The 60 watt LED produces continuous light constant daylight-like light (Sun Light) with a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin and is a guarantee for recordings that can be reproduced at any time. You can Achieve an illuminance of over 47,000 lux with the EFII-60 at a distance of half a meter.

In addition, the LED permanent light impresses with its lower heat generation and its reduced power consumption (up to 90 percent less than an equivalent halogen lamp). Added to this is the long, environmentally friendly lifespan of over 100,000 operating hours .

1033_EFII-60 LED Sun Light Dauerlicht 60 W Fashion

Comfort features make it easier to use

You can set the desired light output continuously with a rotary control on the back of the device. You can check all settings on the clear LC display.

Operation is more convenient with the optionally available manual Jinbei EF-RC LED remote control. You can use it to regulate the performance individually. The remote control saves you a lot of walking with large structures in the studio or during on-location shootings. The radio remote controls TR-Q7, TR-V6 and TRS-V are also compatible, but they cannot be used to adjust the power.

The EFII-60 has one for mounting the LED permanent light on a lamp tripod or on a boom Spigot connection .

1033_EFII-60 LED Sun Light Dauerlicht 60 W LED Technik

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

power: 60 W
Light source: LED, 100,000 h service life
Illuminance: with EF-7 "reflector:
47,030 lx (0.5 m)
8,970 lx (1 m)
3,906 lx (1.5 m)
without reflector:
9,870 lx (0.5 m)
2,441 lx (1 m)
1,132 lx (1.5 m)
Power regulation: 1 - 100% stepless
Color temperature: 5500 200 KK
Color rendering index / CRi: Ra & gt; 96
Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI): TLCI: & gt; 97
Channels: 16 (00-15)
Groups: 10 (A - J)
Remote control: built-in radio receiver (2.4 GHz, reception range approx. 30 m); Optionally available Jinbei EF-RC LED remote control, TR-Q7 / TR-V6 / TRS-V (limited functionality)
Frequency band: 2.402-2.482 GHz
Power supply: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, fuse 2 A; two separately available lithium-ion batteries: Jinbei NP-F970 Sony batteryu
Note : There are also other manufacturers of NP-F970 Sony batteries for which we cannot guarantee compatibility with our LED permanent lights!!
Dimensions (L x W x H): 24.5 x 12 x 18 cm
Weight: 1.25 kg
Further equipment: LC display, umbrella holder, Bowens S-type bayonet, handle, spigot connection, cooling

Technical details EF-7 reflector:

Shape: round
Diameter: 18 cm
Length: 13 cm
Lighting angle: 70°
Color inside: silver
Color outside: black
Connection Bowens S-type: Yes
Weight: 0.15kg
Operating instructions, firmware, ... etc .: To the download center
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei EFII-60 LED Sun Light continuous light 60 W
1 x Jinbei EF-7 reflector
1 x protective cap
1 x power cord
1 x user manual (English)

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Frank M.P.
Preis und Leistung über jeden Zweifel erhaben

Eigentlich habe ich Jinbei immer mit Distanz beäugt. Die EFII-60 LED steht den Produkten der Mitbewerber in nichts nach. Für mich ist die Nutzung mit Akkus ausschlaggebend und ich bin positiv überrascht 👍👍👍

Gerne wieder, Qualität zum top Preis!

Sehr gute Qualität, schnelle Lieferung. Alles wie erwartet!

Dominik R.
schnelle und einwandfreie Lieferung

günstiges Produkt in guter Qualität, problemlos und schnell bestellt.

Thomas L.

Gutes Preis Leistungsverhältnis, schneller Versand. Gern wieder

Aleksej R.
Top Licht

Schnelle Lieferung, günstig und geiles Licht. Bin sehr zufrieden!

Robert H.
Gutes Licht

Funktioniert wie beschrieben. Sehr gut!

Uwe G.

Bereits schon die 2. EFII-60, die ich hier direkt gekauft habe. Leider hatte die nachgekaufte einen anderen Reflektor (Innenbeschichtung). Somit ergaben sich unterschiedliche Lichtformen auf einem Untergrund. Durch Nachkauf des Reflektor EF-7 für die nachgekaufte, unterscheiden sich die Lichtkegel nicht mehr. Dank an die kundenorientierte Regelung von JINBEI in punkto Versandkosten.