KC Grid für Striplight Umbrella Softbox Jinbei

KC Grid for Striplight Umbrella Softbox


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All the advantages of theGrids for our KC-Striplight Umbrella Softbox at a glance:

  • Narrows the beam angle of the softbox
  • Directed light for more precise illumination
  • Can be used with or without diffusers
  • Easy assembly with Velcro
  • For fashion, beauty, glamor and portrait shots

Jinbei Grid for KC-Striplight Umbrella Softbox directs the light

TheJinbei Grid limits the soft, diffused light of the KC-Striplight Umbrella Softbox in its expansion. Of theHoneycomb attachment restricts the light to a narrower cone and generates itmore intense, more directional light. With theGrid attachment illuminate your subject more precisely and in a more controlled manner. Theblack mesh easily attach to the rectangular softbox with Velcro.

Great scope for designing the light

Through the interactionGrid, inner and outer diffuser stand by you with theKC-Striplight Umbrella Softbox many possibilities for the design of theFlashlight available for fashion, portrait or fashion shots.
Use only thatHoneycomb grid, work with more directional, more direct light. Put one or both of themDiffusers from the scope of delivery of the softbox, you get a different soft, diffused and non-reflective light. With the grid and diffusers together you get a soft, more directional light.

Specifications & amp; scope of delivery

Material: plastic
Colour: black
  • 25 x 100 cm

  • 35 x 150 cm

  • 40 x 180 cm

Honeycomb size(W x H x D): 4.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 cm
Weight: 110 g
Scope of delivery: 1 x Jinbei Grid Striplight Umbrella Softbox -Note: The softbox shown is not included in the scope of delivery.