Beauty-Fotografie für Einsteiger

Beauty photography for beginners

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – most people are probably familiar with this saying. In beauty photography, however, beauty is first and foremost in the hands of the photographer and his team. The make-up, the hair, the setting, the light, the clothes - the list never ends, so that one or the other may have shied away from beauty photography. Getting started is not as difficult as it may seem at first.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most people probably know this saying. In the beauty photography However, beauty lies first and foremost in the hands of the photographer and his team. The Make up , the Hair , the setting , the Light , the Clothing – the list never ends, so that one or the other may have shied away from beauty photography. Getting started is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Especially an accurate one planning in advance often proves to be useful for beauty shoots. The more precisely your own concept and all ideas are formulated, the better the results will often be.

Planning the shoot more than half the profitn

Not all photographers are big fans of planning. Of course, you can also spontaneously and without great concept achieve satisfactory results. In the beauty photography However, it is often necessary to convince models, model agencies and the like of your own idea. So if you don't need the planning for yourself, you often need it for everyone else involved. It also doesn't hurt to get a picture of the processes and the planned looks for yourself and everyone else.

Einstieg in die Beauty-Fotografie

The moodboard the visual helper for beauty photographye

Most of those who deal with creative work have certainly had something of the mood board heard. In a way, it is one visual variant of the mind map . Digital or, today, rarely analog, exemplary photos are sought that approximately correspond to the vision of the photographer. When creating the mood board, the numerous examples also serve as a source of inspiration . Which background it should be, it makes sense, with strongstudio flash to work or should itLED permanent light be?

The mood board is relatively easy to send these days, making it easy for designers or stylists to work with to make adjustments to it. The models also have the opportunity to prepare for the shoot.

Which lens is suitable for the intended look?

At the beauty shoot it's about staging the person in front of the camera, including the clothes, the styling and the make-up. With a wide-angle lens, this is only possible to a limited extent due to the distortion, unless the focus is on the Environmental portrait should lie, which is why it's best to medium telephoto lenses to fall back. These reflect the proportion of the face and body in the most natural way. Among the most popular focal lengths in the portrait area 85 millimeters and 135 millimeters , calculated on the 35mm format.

Einstieg in die Beauty-Fotografie

What background should it be??

Thebackground may only play a subordinate role in the picture, but the subconscious evaluates it in particular Color , the saturation and the structure . These elements significantly affect the overall message of the image.

The beginner may not have thought about this topic, but it is clear that in beauty photography not always a big studio needs. Since, as described above, telephoto lenses are used in most cases, everything behind the model is heavily compressed. This means that sometimes, depending on the image section, colored paper of a suitable size will do the trick.

Correct exposure in beauty photography

Beauty photography is about the skin and all facial features possible flattering and beneficial to represent. This succeeds when the light has a certain „frontality“ and thus unwanted shadows are avoided as far as possible. Do photographers work with a single light source , it should illuminate the model as frontally as possible and set slightly from above. Although nothing speaks against working with a single light source, it turns out that the light management with at least two light sources often better and more precise is to control. A light, about alightning or aLED permanent light, serves as a guide light or Keylight . This is attached to the side and focuses the light mainly on the upper half of the face. A second light source, set to be weaker, fills in the resulting shadows on the opposite side of the main light without completely eliminating them.

Einstieg in die Beauty-Fotografie

je more frontal the light affects the model, the smoother and softer affects the skin. This saves a lot of time in subsequent digital post-processing.

The next level of tethered shootingg

In the beauty photography it is often about small details and in some cases the small screen of the digital camera is not enough to evaluate a photo. In such a case, the advantages of Tethered shoots . With tethered shooting, or wired photography, the images are sent directly to a computer and thus to the big one cast screen . This makes it much easier to evaluate details such as styling, facial expressions or exposure. Next to a suitable one Tether cable photographers need a corresponding one for the tethered shooting image editor like Adobe Lightroom or Capture One.

Einstieg in die Beauty-Fotografie

The retouching of the final actt

The digital retouch is the last act, which has now become indispensable. In order to achieve an absolutely flawless complexion, photographers sometimes spend hours on the computer or hand over the tasks to a service provider. However, there is no harm in learning the basic rules of beauty retouching in Photoshop yourself.

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