Herbstliche Inspiration für kreative Porträts

Autumn inspiration for creative portraits

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons for photographers. The warm and earthy tones, the falling leaves and the special atmosphere provide an ideal backdrop for creative portraiture. In this post, we present you with some captivating image ideas and valuable tips to make your fall portraits unforgettable.
Kreative Herbst-Fotografie: Wenn die Natur ihr Farbenspiel entfaltet

Creative autumn photography:When nature unfolds its play of colors

Autumn, a season loved and feared by many photographers. At first the sun is blinding, then storms come and the rain falls. But with the right preparation, you can capture the diversity of autumn in beautiful images. In this article we will show you how to master the changeable weather conditions of autumn and make your autumn photos something very special.
Faszinierende Reiseziele im Herbst für Fotografen in Europa und weltweit

Fascinating autumn travel destinations for photographers in Europe and worldwide

Fall is one of the best seasons for photographers to explore the world. From Germany to exotic locations worldwide, there are countless breathtaking fall destinations.
Die besten Herbstreiseziele für Fotografen in Deutschland

The best autumn travel destinations for photographers in Germany

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting seasons for photographers. Nature is transformed into a kaleidoscopic play of warm red tones, bright yellow and deep orange. The clear, golden mood of the autumn sun bathes the landscape in a magical light, creating countless photographic opportunities.
Fotografie bei Gegenlicht – für faszinierende Effekte

Photography against the light – for fascinating effects

Photography offers endless possibilities for capturing moods and telling stories. One particularly appealing technique that often inspires both frustration and fascination is backlit photography. These situations, where the light falls straight into the camera from the front, can produce stunning results, but require special techniques to overcome the challenges.
Die Wirkung von Farbtemperatur auf Fotos

The effect of color temperature on photos

The world of photography is not just about composition and technique, but also about the subtle nuances of color. One of the key components that can greatly affect the mood and atmosphere of a photo is color temperature. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of color temperature and discover how it shapes our shots.
Das beste Foto-Equipment für Sommerpartys

The best photo equipment for summer parties

Summer brings not only bright sunshine and warm temperatures, but also numerous opportunities to capture unforgettable moments. Whether it's a happy garden party, lively barbecue or romantic summer wedding, these events offer a wealth of photo opportunities to take advantage of. Here are some tips on how photography enthusiasts can unleash their creativity to capture the beauty of these events.
Fotografie im Cyberpunk-Stil: Ein futuristisches Lichtspiel

Cyberpunk-style photography:A futuristic play of light

The world of photography offers endless possibilities and can bring creative visions to life. In this blog article, together with the photographer Sascha Perlinger, we delve into the genre of cyberpunk and sci-fi.
Kreative Möglichkeiten für Aufnahmen unter Wasser

Creative ways to shoot underwater

Summertime means sun, beach and fun in the water. For those interested in photography and photographers, this time of year offers a very special opportunity to live out their passion:underwater photography and videography! Dive into the fascinating world of underwater media with us and discover different methods and the right equipment to capture breathtaking pictures and videos in summer.