Kreatives Licht- management leicht gemacht: Die Jinbei Studio App

Kreatives Licht- management leicht gemacht: Die Jinbei Studio App

Mit der Jinbei App können Sie Ihre LED-Dauerlichter und Blitzgeräte von Jinbei ganz einfach und bequem steuern.
So erzeugen Sie auch an bewölkten Tagen künstliches Sonnenlicht

This way you can create artificial sunlight even on cloudy days

Cloudy weather can be a real challenge for photographers. The limited availability of natural sunlight can affect the quality of your recordings, especially during the cold season. But don't worry, there is a solution! In this blog post, you'll learn how you can create artificial sunlight to make your photos shine, even on cloudy days.
HSS — Blitzen mit Highspeed

HSS — High-speed flash

Time has always played a crucial role in photography. Photographers have always wanted to capture and freeze a special moment, no matter how short it may be. This is usually not a problem in everyday life, but fast movements in particular are a challenge that can only be mastered by using attachable or studio flashes.
Das Fotografieren mit Systemblitz

Photographing with a system flash

In order to advance in photography, learning about flash photography is inevitable. If you want to be active in the studio, you can hardly avoid using flash, and other areas of photography also rely on the practical helper, which is always there when the light is insufficient or when a special effect is to be achieved in the picture.
Erweiterte Funktionen von Studioblitzen

Advanced features of studio flashes

The possibilities of modern studio flashes allow techniques that even some professionals are not always familiar with. In order to use these correctly in the various photographic situations, it is advisable to deal with the extended functions of the studio flashes in detail. Photographers can significantly expand their performance portfolio and their creative possibilities as soon as they are used to high-speed sync, the delay function or freezing fast movements.
Wie viel Leistung braucht der Blitz?

How much power does the flash need?

Having your own photo studio with the appropriate equipment is the declared goal of numerous photographers who want to deal professionally with their craft. When the hobby or amateur photographer thinks of the studio, a number of questions arise at the beginning about the required equipment.
Blitzlicht richtig einsetzen - so geht es!

Use the flash correctly - this is how it works!

Many photographers have great respect for working with artificial light and especially for the use of flash units. One often hears that flash light changes the message and effect of an image or appears unnatural. This may be the case if used incorrectly, but with a little practice and an understanding of how the flash works, outstanding photographs can be created.
Perfektes Licht beim Fotografieren mit Blitz

Perfect light for flash photography

Beginners often shy away from flash photography. The many terminology seems too complicated and besides, every now and then one succeeds in creating appealing photos solely with the available light.
Fotografieren mit künstlichem Licht für Einsteiger

Photography with artificial light for beginners

Pretty much all photographers long for those moments when the summer evening sun shines on the scene at just the right angle. Unfortunately, it's not always summer and it rains every now and then, even in July or August. In order to be able to work with the perfect light at any time of the day or night and regardless of the season, professionals use artificial light.