Die richtige Beleuchtung für beeindruckende Produktvideos

The right lighting for impressive product videos

Presenting products in videos is becoming increasingly important, be it for online shops, social media or tutorials. But regardless of the content, well-lit product videos are crucial to capturing viewers' attention and highlighting the features and details of your products. In this blog post, you'll learn how to effectively light your products to achieve impressive results.
Praktische Ratschläge zur Beleuchtung von Interviews und Diskussionen

Practical advice for lighting interviews and discussions

In the world of photography, interviews and conversations are a fascinating genre. They offer the opportunity to tell stories and portray people in a very special way. But to achieve professional results, the right lighting is crucial. In this post, we'll share practical advice on lighting interviews and discussions that will help you get impressive shots.
Licht ist ein spannender Aspekt in der Fotografie

Light is an exciting aspect of photography

The use of light in photography is a fascinating subject with endless possibilities. Because light can not only be used to optimally illuminate a picture, but also to create a certain mood or atmosphere. Targeted lighting can enhance the image emotionally and reinforce the message of the photo.
Texturen in der Fotografie: So geht’s!

Textures in photography:how it works!

More pep and color for the next set-up? That fits perfectly, because everything here revolves around the theme of"Elements". Photo or video recordings can be easily changed by using different tools. It doesn't matter whether it's color-intensive or imaginative photos, the two photographers Sebastian Weingart and Tommy Halfter have managed to create different effects with the help of different textures!
Farbenfrohe Kreativität mit Tobias Paul

Colorful creativity with Tobias Paul

Tobias Paul is a photographer and has been using Jinbei lights for some time. Now he had the chance to test two different RGB LED permanent lights from Jinbei and has implemented a great, colorful and extremely creative shoot. In this post, he explains his approach and gives helpful tips on building a set.
Die optimale Beleuchtung für Konferenzen per Video

The optimal lighting for conferences via video

Video conferencing has been an important part of many people's everyday work for a few years. A good and successful appearance sometimes decides on a new order or supports you in presenting your own points clearly, clearly, understandably and with the necessary emphasis.
Kreatives Arbeiten mit der LED-Stableuchte

Creative work with the LED bar light

Stick lights or tube lights are now among the most popular lighting options for photographers and videographers. The handy and powerful devices allow a particularly flexible lighting and do without heavy structures or light shapers. Our permanent lights are therefore ideal for spontaneous use, outdoor work or special and refreshing looks that are difficult to achieve with other artificial lights.
Die perfekte Ausleuchtung für Videos

The perfect illumination for videos

A good video is made up of numerous individual elements. The sound, the image composition and above all the light determine whether the video is liked or not received by the viewer. For those who have not yet dealt with the subject of videography in more detail, the individual decisive factors, especially the lighting, can seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning.
Die passende Stream-Beleuchtung

The right stream lighting

Streaming is becoming more and more popular in private, but also in companies. Viewers are close to the action and have a closer connection to what is being shown thanks to the direct transmission.