Licht ist ein spannender Aspekt in der Fotografie

Light is an exciting aspect of photography

The use of light in photography is a fascinating subject with endless possibilities. Because light can not only be used to optimally illuminate a picture, but also to create a certain mood or atmosphere. Targeted lighting can enhance the image emotionally and reinforce the message of the photo.

The use of light in photography is a fascinating subject with endless possibilities. Because light can not only be used to create a picture illuminate optimally, but also to a specific Mood or the atmosphere to create. Targeted lighting can change the picture enhance emotionally and the Message of the photo.

The use of light in the is particularly impressive evening hours, when the natural light slowly disappears and darkness falls. This is exactly where the photographers Sebastian and Tommy come in and create a unforgettable setting.

Lichtsetzung in der Fotografie

The use of light in the evening hours: Light & Dark

golden and blue hours in front of well-known and historical backdrops are already something special. But when you pair them with a modern styled model and a striking lighting combined, something extraordinary is created. The topic "Light&Dark" of the photographers Sebastian and Tommy is reflected in many aspects of the setting, because not only the last daylight but also the beginning of the night should be captured.

Lichtsetzung in der Fotografie

How was the light setting designed??

In order to capture the mood optimally, they not only use the natural light, but also artificial light sources like LED steady lights. The choice of light sources is particularly important because it largely determines that result of the photo.

Two steady lights were used for the setup 60 watts performance, such as this LX-60 LED light, Quickly Open Deep soft boxes and two RGB bar lightsto set light and dark accents.

Lichtsetzung in der Fotografie

As the natural light changed during the shoot, the photographers adjusted their setting: around the sunset To capture it optimally, the two used a reflector and natural light. Once the sun had set, the EFII-60 steady lights were first used as fill lights, followed by the use of the RGB light sticks.

Intense moment of light: The results

The results show a wide spectrum portraits with intense light, reflecting the coming of night. The targeted use of the light sticks creates a clear focus on the face and clothing of the model. By playing with the city lights in the background and a open aperture of the lens also creates a deliberate blur (bokeh).

Lichtsetzung in der Fotografie

The use of one variety of lights is always a great opportunity in photography or videography. Mobile lights without additional stationary power supply are particularly good for the implementation of creative and flexible shooting scenarios at.

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