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60 watts continuously adjustable

EFD-60 lights

With the powerful continuous lights EFD-60M & EFD-60Bi you can not only ideally illuminate your studio. Thanks to the low weight, the two lights are also suitable for on the go!

FINALLY available again!

EFT-360 Flashlight

With 318 LEDs, an output of 23 watts and up to 20 light effects, the RGB flashlight is perfect for colorful recordings and video shoots!

Radio transmitter, storage and spare parts

Practical accessories

Customer testimonials

I now have three flashes and a steady light from Jinbei and can only say that the price-performance ratio is just right here. Great quality - I can only recommend it.

Stefan F.

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Der EFT-360 Lightstick von Jinbei im Test!

The EFT-360 Lightstick from Jinbei in the test!

Malte Schumacher tested the Jinbei rod lamp and clearly explained in the video which creative lighting is possible with the EFT-360 and how he prefers to use the light stick.
Jinbei im Gespräch mit Fotografin Diana Wahl

Jinbei in conversation with photographer Diana Wahl

The photographer Diana Wahl specializes in working with horses and takes particularly aesthetic photos. In her work, she relies on Jinbei lightning bolts. She told us how she got into working with horses, what is important in this work and what was the most moving moment of her career so far.
EFP-400 BiColor LED Panel

The Jinbei EFP-400 BiColor LED panel

We have photographed a lot with it in the last few weeks, filmed a lot with it and we have grown a little fond of it because it is a device that combines an incredible amount of performance , explains photographer Martin Krolop.

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