EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel
EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel
EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel
EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel
EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel

EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel


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All advantages of the EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel at a glance:

  • ATTENTION: Bulky goods
  • Strong LED panel also for mobile use
  • High light output with 400 W continuously adjustable
  • Variable color temperature between 2,700 and 6,500 K.
  • 5 light effects, each with a frequency of 1 - 10
  • Power supply from the mains or battery (batteries not included)
  • Ideal for use in the studio and on the go
  • High color accuracy for photographers and filmmakers (CRI & gt; 97, TLCI & gt; 98)
  • Illuminance of 8,850 lx over 1 m
  • Flicker-free light characteristics are ideal for video recordings
  • Included barndoors direct the light in the desired direction
  • Can also be controlled with separately available radio remote controlsTR-Q7 orEF-RC or conveniently via app

EFP-400 LED-Panel V2

Practical and flexible permanent light

Photographers and videographers rely on the natural effect of LED permanent lights. The Jinbei EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel stands for a compact design and maximum performance. thanks to the dual operation , either from the mains or using the separately available V-mount batteries, the continuously adjustable panel is the ideal light source for taking pictures in the Studio and on location .

EFP-400 LED-Panel V2

Photographers and filmmakers benefit from high color accuracy

In the Product photography, for portraits , but also in cinematic area The most accurate reproduction of colors is crucial. The Jinbei EFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panel and its high color accuracy result in an improved CRI of over 97 and an important one especially for filmmakers TLCI of over 98 .

EFP-400 LED-Panel V2EFP-400 LED-Panel V2

Innovative improvements over the predecessor

For the first time this is Jinbei EFP-400 V2 LED panel with five new ones Light effects fitted. In addition, the color fidelity could be increased again. Compared to its predecessor it is now possible to use the Color temperature up to 6,500 Kelvin to regulate. The power can be adjusted to the exact degree and the fans can be switched off. This is an important advantage, especially for sound recordings or macro photography. Anyone who works with several controllable devices at the same time will benefit from the new model 32 channels and 16 groups . The now also possible Operation via app (Android:Studio; iOS:Jinbei) Also increases flexibility in use.

EFP-400 LED-Panel V2

Flicker-free light source for razor-sharp results

The powerful LEDs are not only characterized by one low power consumption but also through theirs flicker-free operation out. Flickering is a thing of the past in videos and photographers do not have to fear the notorious "rolling shutter effect" even when using the electronic shutter. One advantage of the panel, which is particularly evident when used in the studio, is that low heat generation of the LEDs. While the temperatures rise quickly with classic studio lamps or when working with the modeling light, the photographer always keeps a cool head with the panel.

EFP-400 LED-Panel V2 EFP-400 LED-Panel V2

Always the right light source at hand

The operation via power supply unit and battery makes the Version 2 of the JinbeiEFP-400 BiColor V2 LED panelsto the perfect companion for productions of all kinds. The included wing flap gates and the compatibility with other light shapers support the implementation of creative ideas in the best possible way.

EFP-400 LED-Panel V2EFP-400 LED-Panel V2

Technical data, scope of delivery & downloads

power: 400 W
Color temperature: 2,700-6,500 K in 100 K steps
Color rendering index (CRI) Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI):: & gt; 97| & gt; 98
Power control: 1 - 100% in 1% or 10% steps
Illuminance: 1 m: 6,500 lx (2,700 K) 8,850 lx (5,000 K) 7,500 lx (6,000 K)00 K)
Light effects: TV Flickering lightbulb Fireworks Thunderstorm mode Flashing mode - each has a frequency of 1 - 10- 10
Bowens S-type bayonet: No
Channels groups:: 32 (00 - 31) 16 (A - J / L / O / P / Q / S / U))
Remote control: Integrated, 2.4 GHz compatible with EF-RC / TR-Q77
Bluetooth * version:: 4.2
Frequency band: 2.402-2.480 GHz
Radiated transmission power maximum: 6 dBm
Battery operation:

Battery operation possible through: 1 V-mount battery (max. 75% output): 14.4 V / 10 A 14.8 V / 10 A 1 V-mount battery (max. 100% output): 26 V / 8 , 5 A 28.8 V / 29.6 V / 7.5 A 2 V-mount batteries (max. 100% power): 14.4 V / 10 A 14.8 V / 10 A 26 V / 8, 5 A 28.8 V / 29.6 V / 7.5 A) V-mount batteries not included in the scope of delivery.thalten.

Input: 14.4 33.6 V max. 10 A 190 Wh Wh

Power supply: 95 245 V, 50/60 Hz, input: max. 1.5 AA
Volume fan: & lt; 30 dB, fan can be switched off at a maximum output of 80%
Further equipment: LC display tripod mount (5/8) U-bracket mount 16 mm / 28 mm flap doors carrying handle lighting angle 120 DMX-512 control app operation Jinbei (studio), range & gt; 15 me > 15 m
Dimensions: 80 x 52 x 11 cm
Weight: 11 kg
Downloads: To the download center
Scope of delivery:

1 x EFP-400 Bi-Color V2 LED panel
1 x set of flap doors
1 x U bracket
1 x power cord
1 x instruction manual

ATTENTION: Bulky goods (Please note ourShipping Information)

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