P80Bi und P80RGB LED Panel – Das perfekte Licht für jede Aufnahme!

P80Bi and P80RGB LED Panel – The perfect light for every shot!

Jinbei presents you today a new series consisting of two LED panels. The new P80RGB and P80Bi, each with 80 watts of power, will give photographers and videographers the opportunity to unleash their creativity and tell breathtaking visual stories.
Jinbei präsentiert das EF-150 Pro LED-Videolicht

Jinbei presents the EF-150 Pro LED Video Light

Jinbei is presenting a new LED continuous light today, which with 160 watts of power is perfectly equipped for excellent photo and video recordings. The EF-150 Pro has a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin and nine different lighting effects that always ensure impressive shots.
Jinbei präsentiert den Aufsteckblitz HD-2 Max für Sony-Kameras

Jinbei presents the HD-2 Max clip-on flash for Sony cameras

Jinbei introduces the HD-2 Max for Sony cameras. The flash with heat dissipation and optimal battery performance now impresses with the simple but secure connection with various Sony cameras thanks to the new integrated Sony multi-interface foot. The HD-2 Max for Sony offers a flash output of 80 watt-seconds and a guide number of 60. The output can be adjusted to 9 different f-stops.
Zwei neue Videolichter mit Leuchtmittel-Technologie für weicheres Licht

Two new video lights with bulb technology for a softer light

Jinbei presents two continuous video lights, the popular LX-100 returns and brings with it a compact companion called the LX-60. Both lights are preferably used for photo and video recordings in the studio, but can also be used on the go with a battery. Thanks to the built-in light source technology, versatile use with easy operation is possible.
Videolichter EF-220 & EF-160Bi mit Bowens S-Type & aktivem Lüfter

Video Lights EF-220 & EF-160Bi with Bowens S-Type & Active Fan

Jinbei introduces two new LED permanent lights, the EF-220 and EF-160Bi. With different powers and effects, the lights are wonderful for various video recordings to bring out the best in planned projects.
Neue Dauerlichter EL-300 & EL-300Bi mit 300 Watt Leistung

New continuous lights EL-300 & EL-300Bi with 300 watts of power

The Jinbei permanent light family is growing with the LED permanent lights EL-300 and EL-300Bi, which, among other things, impress with 300 watts of power each. Thanks to nine different light effects, the new devices are the perfect companions for all photographers and videographers.
Neue Dauerlichter EF-600 Pro und EF-600Bi Pro

New continuous lights EF-600 Pro and EF-600Bi Pro

Jinbei is presenting two new permanent lights to you today, both of which feature 600 watts of power, making them the most powerful members of the LED permanent light family. The EF-600Pro and EF-600Bi Pro are not only suitable for photography, but are also the perfect companions for video recording.
Neue Blitzserie DPXII mit zwei starken Modellen

New flash series DPXII with two powerful models

Jinbei presents you today the new"DPXII"flash series, which includes two successor models of the well-known"DPX"series. The two studio flashes with 800 or 1000 watts of power each come with 32 channels and 16 groups and a 25 watt modeling light. Thanks to the easycap function, the flashes are perfect for (professional) photographers who like to work in the studio or content creators and also work excellently under continuous load.
Neuer Aufsteckblitz HD-2 Max

New clip-on flash HD-2 Max

Jinbei presents the new multi-compatible clip-on flash HD-2 Max, the official successor to the successful HD-2 Pro. The novelty convinces with a flash output of 80 watt seconds and a guide number of 60. The output can be adjusted to 9 different f-stops and, like its predecessor, supports a large selection of cameras.