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JinbeiP80RGB LED panel
price offer€299,00
JinbeiP80Bi LED panel
price offer€249,00
EFP-400 Bi-Color V2 LED panelEFP-400 Bi-Color V2 LED panel
JinbeiEFP-400 Bi-Color V2 LED panel
price offer€699,00 Regular price€849,00
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P30bi led panelP30bi led panel
JinbeiP30bi led panel
price offer€99,00 Regular price€149,00
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LED continuous light & studio equipment from Jinbei

Should you be in the studio with steady light or lightning photographing what is the right lighting Quite a few experts have racked their brains over this question. Both types ofr lighting to have Strengths and weaknesses , which depends on the respective task, the motive and the type of photography depend. Of course, one thing is clear: without light is there no photo .

Up to now, the flash has been dominant in studio photography. the LED technology the continuous light has now become clear more attractive made because it does away with the deficits of the conventional permanent light. Your lovers have the LED panel lights, for example, in the sensitiven Portrait- and wildlife photography as well as the Macro- and product photography found.

For parallel photo shoots, photos and Making-of videos , are now increasingly coming LED panel lights for use. In the area Video there is for the right light anyway no alternative to the permanent light. Important: If LED panel lights are used, the color temperature should be adjustable and the brightness dimmable so that the settings of the camera and LED panel can be easily coordinated.

The LED panels from Jinbei are panel lights with the latest technology. Benefit from this innovative technology! These are the advantages:

permanent light : Constant control over the lighting of the subject - more relaxed work for photographers/videographers and models Constant color temperature : Whether warm white, daylight or neutral white, reproducible work is guaranteedtHigh light output : A 100 watt LED light is as bright as a conventional 750 watt halogen light Dimmable (infinitely variable adjustment of the power) : Targeted adaptation to the subject Low heat development : Light formers and foils can be used, no lead or lag times Power Saving: Up to 90 percent reduced power consumption Quiet operating noise: Great for video recording Long lifetime : Up to 100,000 operating hours

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