Einen Wasserfall fotografisch in Szene setzen

Stage a waterfall photographically

Waterfalls, whether in nature or in a photograph, often have something magical about them. Tons of water that rushes into the depths, often with a loud roar – it is not for nothing that many waterfalls are considered unique natural wonders that attract thousands of tourists every year.

There is often something magical about waterfalls, whether in nature or in a photograph. Tons of water that rushes into the depths, often with a loud roar, it is not for nothing that many waterfalls are considered to be unique natural wonders, which attract thousands of tourists every year.

Flowing water invites you to dream, but occasionally presents photographers with obstacles. What's the best way to capture the majesty that defines most waterfalls? We'll go into more detail below tested variants show how photographers can showcase the beauty of a true natural wonder to those at home.

Wasserfälle fotografieren

Why it doesn't necessarily depend on the waterfall

Of course, there are a few special specimens around the world that every waterfall fan would like to see once in their lifetime. In fact, it takes for spectacular images no superlatives, rather it depends on your own technique, the light and sometimes on your own patience.
Even small waterfalls, which may be in a natural park nearby, can be seen in a completely different light when viewed with the necessary know-how being photographed.

Light and time are the decisive elementse

As so often in photography, it is the available light and the time of the shot that determine the magic. It depends on the time Photographing waterfalls even twice. On the one hand, the point in time needs to be adjusted perfectly to the position of the sun, any fog that may be present, the number of visitors, etc. On the other hand, there are the subtleties when adjusting the exposure time, which transform the flow of water into a timeless work of art.

Especially early in the morning or in the evening, best at golden or blue hour, the shadows are deep, the details are sharply defined and the contrasts are clear. Taking photos at midday, when the sun is at its highest, is generally discouraged. Whether in the landscape photography or at one portrait – the closer the light source, i.e. the sun, approaches the horizon, the more versatile the effects of the light can be used creatively.

Flowing water as a silky veil

Who at the really impressive images When you think of waterfalls, the works that inevitably come to mind depict the flow of water in the form of a soft, almost silky veil. The secret behind this effect is called long exposure. Usually the scene, in this case the waterfall, is exposed for several seconds and often for minutes. Everything that moves merges into a white, opaque veil, while the surrounding landscape razor sharp is played back.

Wasserfälle fotografieren

Equipment and camera settings that's what you need for impressive picturesr

Long exposures only work if the camera doesn't move a bit and on a safe and sturdy tripod is mounted. Any vibration, no matter how small, must be prevented, which is why the use of a remote trigger or des self-timer is always advisable.

To the exposure time To lengthen the exposure accordingly without overexposing the image, there are several options that usually lead to the desired result when combined. For one thing, he has to ISO value of the camera should be set to a minimum, on the other hand it is advisable to close the aperture as far as possible. Aperture values ​​of f16 or f22 are suitable, depending on the type of lens. Should that still be too much light, then a Neutral density or ND filters the solution. Such filters are available in a number of versions, their task is to incident ambient light to be reduced, resulting in longer exposure times.

The opposite effect every drop, no matter how small, is sharpf

Not everyone is a friend of the long exposures and anyone who thinks that this style does not suit their own visual language can pursue the opposite strategy. In contrast to the gentle effects of long exposure, special lead short exposure time in the range of less than 1/1000 seconds to the fact that the tearing force of the water can be seen in the photo. This technique can even be used for handheld photography, but it is important that it is sufficient ambient light is available.

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