Stillleben fotografieren - Kreative Kompositionen für beeindruckende Bilder

Photographing still life - creative compositions for impressive pictures

Still lifes are fascinating photographic compositions where you arrange and stage non-moving objects to convey a unique mood or message. Especially in the fields of food and product photography, still lifes offer the opportunity to artfully present the beauty and details of everyday objects, food or products.
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Still lifes are fascinating photographic compositions, where you non-moving objects arrange and stage to convey a unique mood or message. Especially in the areas Food and product photography Still lifes offer an opportunity to artfully present the beauty and details of everyday objects, food or products. In this blog post, you will learn how to use the right composition and staging to create impressive still life photos can create.

Stillleben fotografieren

The necessary equipment - your tools for impressive still lifes

To photograph stunning still lifes, you need specific equipment, which helps you realize your creative vision. Here we explain the most important tools that you can use for your next photographic project:

The right camera:

Choose a camera with manual setting optionsto have full control over exposure, shutter speed and white balance. Mirrorless cameras or DSLRs are particularly good for still life shots.

Matching lenses:

Different lenses allow you different perspectives and help you focus on specific elements in the image. A macro lens is excellent for detailed close-ups, while a standard lens Allows you to create a versatile composition. You should only pay attention to the appropriate lens if you want a lot of blurring in the background, as the cover cannot always be opened wide enough.

remote trigger:

A remote trigger is a handy tool to avoid camera shake, especially with longer exposure times. This allows you sharp images from afar record and improve the stability of your recordings.

Stable tripod:

A stable tripod is essential to keep your camera steady and ensure sharp images. It also allows you to precisely adjust the composition of the still life and different perspectives to try.

The right light source:

Use that natural daylight or supplement it with external light sources such as soft boxes or flash units, to optimally illuminate your still life and to control shadows in a targeted manner. Experiment with different light sources to get the desired atmosphere and create mood.

 Stillleben fotografieren

Creative tips for impressive still life shots

But not only that photographic equipment decides whether the still life will be a success. Above all, the staging and design of the content to be photographed gives every shot the finishing touch.

Stage with decoration:

Matching props and backgrounds help to create a specific atmosphere or style for the still life. Experiment with different textures, colors and materials to make your still life interesting and unique. Especially the arrangement and placement of objects is crucial to achieve a balanced composition.

Play with colors and proportions:

The combination of colors is considered popular stylistic device, to achieve a harmonious or contrasting effect. Experiment with different color schemes and consider the proportions of objects to create a balanced and pleasing composition.

Explore different perspectives and image sections:

Be creative and try different perspectives out to make your still life interesting and dynamic to let work. Use different camera angles and experiment with them different image sections such as close-ups, detailed shots or unusual perspectives. This allows you to draw attention to specific details and give the picture a unique perspective.

Stilleben fotografieren


Still life photography offers you a unique opportunity to express your creative skills to use and create impressive images. With the right equipment and the one presented here Tips for composition and staging you are well equipped to create individual and appealing still lifes. Use your imagination and experiment with different elements to create your own artistic vision. The art of still life gives you the opportunity to capture the beauty and uniqueness of objects and products in a fascinating way. Pack your camera, let your creativity run free and immerse yourself in the exciting world of still life photography!


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