Die optimale Beleuchtung für Konferenzen per Video

The optimal lighting for conferences via video

Video conferencing has been an important part of many people's everyday work for a few years. A good and successful appearance sometimes decides on a new order or supports you in presenting your own points clearly, clearly, understandably and with the necessary emphasis.
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video conferencing have been occupying an important place in the everyday work of many people for a few years. You make that possible home office and connect colleagues, clients, customers, consultants, suppliers and many more across national borders and time zones. Although the participants in the video conferences are not physically present, the same conditions apply to them as to a Meeting on site . A good and successful appearance sometimes decides on a new order or supports you in making your own points clear, understandable and with the necessary emphasis to explain.

The Quality of a video conference stands or falls with the correct one lighting . Just in home office too many users still disregard lighting technology. You're sitting in the shade or the picture is eating out in several places because the camera used cannot compensate for the high contrast with its limited dynamic range. The correct lighting often works wonders and does not require major investments or a lengthy learning process. At what angle to the user is the laptop or webcam, where does the light come from and how high or low is it own seating position? In the knowledge of the correct application of the common rules, it is easy within a very short time Quality of your own video conferencing to take it to a new level.

The correct positioning in video conferences

In fact, most users already succeed with the correct one positioning , the own appearance and even that own appearance to improve significantly during the conference. First they have to own position and the des laptops be reconsidered before in detail the possibilities of artificial lights , like one LED ring light or onepocket light, be addressed.

Beleuchtungen bei Videokonferenzen

To the importance of correct position To clarify, it must be remembered that the small lens that is built into either the laptop or the webcam is often a powerful wide-angle lens. The closer the user sits to the camera, the more distorted facial features are, for example, and the less well modeled either natural light or artificial light the participants of the conference. In addition to the distance to the lens, the height of the camera is also crucial. In most cases, at least this can still be observed at many conferences, the seating position is higher than the camera. This leads to an unattractive angle of view, the user is filmed from below and the facial features do not look very advantageous. It makes sense to have one external camera centered at face level align, alternatively books or another base serve to raise the laptop.

Positioning in terms of lighting

Probably even more important than that positioning of the person itself, is the correct one orientation with regard to the right lighting and the environment. A calm background , low-contrast rooms, and no distracting objects are a good place to start. No matter whether users to aLED permanent light, to illuminate the face or would like to dare to illuminate the scene sufficiently without artificial light. It is important that the background appears darker compared to the face. This draws the attention of the other participants to the essentials without unnecessary distraction.

In the contrast control It is also important not to wear clothing that is too light or too dark, as even that can overwhelm some cameras. Distracting patterns or bright colors should also be avoided.

The best possible lighting thanks to artificial light

It is noticeable that some colleagues at any time of the day or night video conferencing are perfectly staged, they probably make use of one artificial light .

During the day it is often possible to have the face and back of the laptop opposite the incident light of a window to position. This is sufficient for a satisfactory result in most cases. However, in the evening, or during the fall or winter, the sun is not to be relied upon, then it is LED permanent light , such as apocket light or aLED panel the best solution. Another alternative that is particularly flattering on facial features is thisLED ring light, which has been in the for many years Portrait and fashion photography is used.

Beleuchtung für Videokonferenzen

The LED permanent light is placed behind the camera, i.e. in front of the speaker’s face, in line with the natural light that falls on it. There are extra points for one minimally raised and slightly slanted attachment , since this positioning the incident light of the sun equals. As a result, shadows on the face appear particularly natural, in contrast to the light from uplighters or other permanently installed light sources that cast unsightly shadows under the nose and chin. In addition, such lights often shine too cool light that makes people look pale and colorless.

A summary of the perfectly illuminated video conference

ALED permanent light, no matter in which version, is a cheap investment that is suitable for a clear and lasting effect during all video conferencing cares. From now on, not only the face is illuminated in the best possible way, thanks to the Color temperature of the LEDs , which can now be precisely adjusted on many models, it seems as if the sun is always shining through the window.

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