Die Clamshell-Beleuchtung richtig nutzen

Proper use of clamshell lighting

Any lighting mood, no matter how complex, can be imitated with the right studio flashes, permanent lights, light shapers, reflectors and other utensils. This significantly expands the possibilities of every photographer. But it also often leads to excessive demands, as it contains numerous sources of error and gives the impression that as much equipment as possible is needed to achieve a professional look.

The history of Lighting with artificial light in photography is now so old that photographers can choose from an almost infinite pool of lighting types. Anything like that complex lighting mood can be done with the right ones studio flash ,steady lights, light shapers ,reflectors and imitate other utensils. This significantly expands the possibilities of every photographer. But it also often leads to being overwhelmed, as it harbors numerous sources of error and gives the impression that as much equipment as possible is always required in order to perform professional look to achieve.

The proves that this is not the case Clamshell lighting . This can be implemented relatively easily by any photographer, after all it only takes one time for this set-up two artificial light sources with the right light shapers. Therefore, this technique is also ideal for impromptu shoots in the studio or on location. Unlike most other, more complex light setups, the Clamshell lighting for people of any gender or age. The shadows fall on the faces extremely softly and the combination of two light sources creates painterly and appealing catchlights , which the eyes and therefore the picture a lot breathe life into .

The correct structure of the clamshell lighting

Just the name of this light setups , which includes the word clamshell, is enough to remind you of setup during a shoot or when time is short. The twowei light sources used with the attached light shapers are each in 45 degree angle aimed at the model. The main light comes with it diagonally from above , while that Fill light from below the shadows minimized. Viewed from the side, the structure actually looks like one unfolded shell .

Photographers first judge what comes from above main light a. The correct angle and distance to the model are found when the effect of the so-called„butterfly light“ entry. This is a different light set-up that is on a single light source based. Typical for this technique are those under the Shadow falling on the model's nose , resembling a small butterfly.

The second light source fill light , is now positioned from below in such a way that all The shade , and with it the butterfly just mentioned, out of your face disappear .

Aufbau Clamshell-Beleuchtung

Light shapers make it much easier to use

In fact, photographers need for that Clamshell lighting nothing more than two light sources . However, the positive effects of this type of lighting are clearly intensified when the lights are used with the appropriate lighting light shapers  be combined. There are two big ones to start withsoft boxes come on, they do that light more diffuse and therefore softer. As soon as the technology is mastered, users like to experiment with itbeauty dishes as main light or with strip lights . What it mainly needs are two artificial light sources and the right ones light stands to focus the light.

The luminous intensity of each light source

As with all other light structures, there is main light the sound at. This means that there is a clear difference between the strength of the top and bottom lights. The fill light Reduces the shadows significantly, but does not erase them completely, as this would take away all plasticity from the model's face. To the correct light level to determine, the use of one offers itself external exposure meter at. However, thanks to modern digital cameras, it is now possible without any problems. The main light should ideally two bezels lie above the fill light. When measuring with the camera, this means nothing other than that the camera chooses an exposure time that is four times as long when just using the fill light than is the case with the main light.

The verdict on clamshell lighting

The special thing about the Clamshell lighting is on the one hand the simple structure, on the other hand the amazing effect . If you are not sure how a person should be best illuminated, you can simply try this technique. Which Light sources and light shapers It doesn't matter what the photographers who choose this set-up do with the set-up, pretty much any combination can be used great effects achieve. Whether man, woman or child, the soft light of this classic really flatters everyone.

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