So pflegen Sie Ihr Foto-Equipment richtig

How to properly care for your photo equipment

Photographers often like to refer to their cameras and all other equipment as their tools. That's true, of course, especially with professional photographers, this term is usually used when the camera has one or the other scratch or when the viewer notices a dent on the lens.
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Photographers like and often label theirs cameras and everything else equipment as their tool. That's true, of course, especially with professional photographers, this term is usually used when the camera has one or the other scratch or when the viewer notices a dent on the lens.

Despite a robust and proven design, the correct handling and the correct care the service life and thus the enjoyment of your own equipment. No matter whether it is the camera , thetripod,studio flashes orLED steady lights acts, the Care and the regular cleaning are an integral part of usage. Only if all utensils are kept and stored in the best possible condition can they continue to be relied on in the future. Because this guarantees that your own creative vision is not clouded by dirt or damage to the camera. As the own equipment Proper storage and care is what photographers and videographers will learn in this article.

Safely store your own equipment, that's how it workss

  1. camera bags and backpacks are ideally tailored to your own equipment. This means that the camera, lenses, clip-on flashes and other utensils are one firm and safe place in it, don't bump into each other and don't get damaged even on bumpy tracks or on the way to a shooting location. Next to the photographic equipment nothing else belongs in bags and backpacks. Leaking drinks and the crumbs of the snack have permanently ruined some equipment.
  1. external influences on the camera must be avoided at all costs. This is especially true on the beach, in dusty areas or in places where sudden downpours are to be expected. If dirt, dust or water threaten to damage the optical elements of the camera over a long period of time, this is how to help protective, sealable cases and the regular cleaning , even while filming or photographing. It should also be ensured that the lens is only changed in clean and dry places and that the camera is used to avoid static charge of the sensor is switched off.
  1. A tip for taking photos in particularly humid places are packet of desiccant in the camera bag. These absorb some of the moisture. In places with fluctuating temperatures, it is advisable to let the devices acclimate slowly. In order to prevent the viewfinder or lenses from tarnishing in winter, for example, it is a good idea to put the devices in a sealable plastic bag before you change location.

Equipment Pflege mit Jinbei

The care and cleaning of cameras and accessories

  1. As soon as spots appear in the images, especially when shooting with a relatively small aperture, it is time to take a Cleaning the sensor to perform. Numerous cameras offer their own function for this, if that is not enough, the experienced user can clean the sensor with so-called swaps . Anyone who is not sure admits the device a dealer , which usually offers cleaning at low cost.
  1. Touching the optical elements of the lenses should be avoided as far as possible. A UV filter in front of the front element prevents unnecessary influences on the lens. If dust and dirt are actually found on the lenses after the photograph has been taken, a combination of a bellows , one suitable dust brush and a microfiber cloth to remove.The t-shirt or other fabrics that are at hand should not be used for cleaning. This only runs the risk of removing the important coating, i.e. the coating that prevents reflections and so-called flares.
  1. Also with the other Photo accessories the service life can be increased with small tips. memory cards or filters should always be in one solid case stowed to prevent breakage. For equipment that uses batteries or batteries is running, especially during longer photo breaks, care should be taken to ensure that these are removed from the device and stowed away safely. Batteries should also be charged at regular intervals in order to permanent loss of performance to avoid.

A conclusion to extend the life of the equipment

A combination of correct storage , regular cleaning and prevention negative external influences ensures that your own equipment lasts a long time. A little extra effort reduces costs and at the same time increases enjoyment own equipment thus considerably.

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