Das beste Foto-Equipment für Sommerpartys

The best photo equipment for summer parties

Summer brings not only bright sunshine and warm temperatures, but also numerous opportunities to capture unforgettable moments. Whether it's a happy garden party, lively barbecue or romantic summer wedding, these events offer a wealth of photo opportunities to take advantage of. Here are some tips on how photography enthusiasts can unleash their creativity to capture the beauty of these events.
Ihre Fotoausrüstung richtig pflegen und schützen im Sommer

Proper care and protection of your photo equipment in summer

Summer time is photography time! With the warm temperatures and the wonderful nature, summer lures us out to capture unforgettable moments. But while we take our cameras and photo accessories with us into the great outdoors, we also have to keep in mind that summer brings some special challenges for our photo gear.
Hilfreiche Tipps für Reisefotografen

Helpful tips for travel photographers

Before you go on a trip, you have to plan. Before setting off on a trip, photographers in particular often rack their brains about what to pack, what to look out for when it comes to transport or how to charge their batteries far away from civilisation.
Spektakuläre Bilder mit ND-Filtern

Spectacular images with ND filters

Filters – do we still need them in digital photography, where almost everything can be adjusted with the help of digital post-processing? Many photographers who want to keep their equipment as small as possible or who have not yet dealt with filter photography in detail ask themselves this question.
Die wichtigsten Dateiformate in der Fotografie

The most important file formats in photography

JPEG, TIFF, bit depth, raw data format - even with experienced photographers who have been dealing with digital photography for years, the large number of data formats used often causes confusion. If you want to find out which file format is best for your own photography on the Internet, you will find so much information and opinions that even after a long search you can hardly get any further.
Einführung in das Fotografieren mit Filter

Introduction to filter photography

Filter photography, i.e. taking photos with filters placed in front of them, is associated by many exclusively with analogue photography. After all, why do we need physical filters today when our own recordings can simply be adapted to our own ideas in digital post-processing? In fact, it's not as easy as some might think, and filters have a right to exist today, perhaps more than ever.
Motive fürs Fotografieren mit Fernauslöser

Motives for photographing with a remote release

Most photographers have probably played around with a remote camera release without realizing all the creative possibilities of this special tool. It is the remote release that makes a picture possible in some situations. This article is about showing some of the photographic possibilities with the remote release so that one or the other can use them as inspiration for their own photography.
Fotografieren mit großer Lichtstärke

Photographing with high light intensity

More than the camera itself, the lens contributes to a certain look in a photo. How sharp is something depicted, what exposure time is necessary and, of course, which section is reproduced on the camera sensor based on the selected focal length? Photographers have to answer these questions themselves before a shoot or a trip.
So pflegen Sie Ihr Foto-Equipment richtig

How to properly care for your photo equipment

Photographers often like to refer to their cameras and all other equipment as their tools. That's true, of course, especially with professional photographers, this term is usually used when the camera has one or the other scratch or when the viewer notices a dent on the lens.