Spektakuläre Bilder mit ND-Filtern

Spectacular images with ND filters

Filters – do we still need them in digital photography, where almost everything can be adjusted with the help of digital post-processing? Many photographers who want to keep their equipment as small as possible or who have not yet dealt with filter photography in detail ask themselves this question.

Filters are still needed in digital photography, in which almost everything is done with the help of the digital post-processing can be adjusted This question is asked by many photographers who want to keep their equipment as small as possible or who are concerned with the filter photography have not yet dealt with in detail.

If you dare to do this kind of photography, a filter that should not be missing in your equipment is the neutral density or short, the ND filter . Of all the filters out there on the market, the ND and polarizing filters are the variants whose effects guaranteed not to be imitated by digital post-processing. The ND filter in particular allows recordings that fundamentally shift the laws of exposure and thus leads to extraordinary images leads.

What types of ND filters are there?

neutral density filter cater to every type and level of photographer. In view of this, this filter variant has the widest range on the market. Anyone who deals with the ND filter for the first time and has gotten a taste for it will become one Screw or round filter Buy one that fits the internal thread of the lens that is most likely to be used. As soon as the ND filter is used more frequently or when photographers more flexibility want in terms of use with different lenses on the one hand and the correct strength of the desired filter effect on the other rectangular filters grabbed. These work with a universal holder and allow to use multiple filters at the same time to get the to add effects .

ND-Filter 8 Dichte

Are all ND filters the same??

ND filters differ in their density . je poet and thus darker the filter is, the longer will the exposure time . An ND8 is a relatively lightweight filter that increases exposure time by three stops. The ND1000 extends the exposure by 10 f-stops, allowing exposure times of several minutes even in daylight. A special form of the ND filter are Graduated Gray Filter , which are particularly popular in landscape photography. be here Parts of the image darkened , in order to be able to guarantee correct exposure when the sun is low in the sky.


The many possible uses of the ND filter

Whether in landscape photography, architectural photography or even portraits, ND filters are used wherever photographers have a precise idea of an image and want to implement it creatively. Known are probably surreal recordings of water surfaces . These often appear boring on pictures without an ND filter. Exposures lasting several minutes, which can be achieved with particularly dark ND filters, literally reverse this effect. Every unevenness is leveled out, all color nuances merge into one another and what remains is a surreal sight of a veil that gently covers the scene. The ND filter works similarly in the landscape photography . Surely everyone has admired photographs of waterfalls in which the flow of water was frozen with the longest possible exposure time. Such images are only possible thanks to the ND filter .

1000 ND-Filter

Impressive architectural shots

The clouds in the sky become soft silver linings, the one strong contrast to the sharp edges of a building. In architectural photography and in technical photography, ND filters are always used when the object depicted is to be particularly emphasized through contrasts. While everything is in motion and time is passing, the house, with its clear outlines and the sharpest possible depiction, stands like a anchor in the picture . The same principle can even be applied to portraits. In order to fix the person depicted sharply on the sensor despite the long exposure time, the second shutter curtain flashed. That means that thelightning only released when the exposure is complete.

The ND filter is often a guarantee for expressive and creative images . It significantly expands the creative repertoire and is not particularly heavy in the camera bag. So who is familiar with this almost already indispensable filter has not dealt with it up to now, he should definitely catch up.

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