Experimentelle Fotografie-Techniken zum Ausprobieren

Experimental photography techniques to try out

In this blog post, we explore unique techniques that go beyond the usual and will change the way you look at photography. Get ready to explore the diverse possibilities of experimental photography!
Softbox gleich Softbox?

Softbox equal to softbox?

The softbox is without a doubt the type of light shaper most commonly used in photography. Whether on location or in the studio, the soft and diffuse light that ensures smooth transitions is the first choice of many photographers who want to work creatively with artificial light.
Faltreflektoren – so werden sie richtig genutzt

Folding reflectors – how to use them correctly

The folding reflector is inexpensive and yet one of the most versatile tools in photography. Portrait photography in particular shows how versatile the utensil can be used. Shadows in a scene can be brightened with just a single variant, which is often equipped with several colors, the light can be controlled in a targeted manner and appears softer, and the reflector can even be used to darken it if necessary.
Fotografieren mit dem richtigen Lichtformer

Photographing with the right light shaper

Studio photography attempts to copy natural light as much as possible. Even if it should storm and snow outside, an artificial light source and the appropriate light shapers can create an atmosphere reminiscent of a summer evening.