Faltreflektoren – so werden sie richtig genutzt

Folding reflectors – how to use them correctly

The folding reflector is inexpensive and yet one of the most versatile tools in photography. Portrait photography in particular shows how versatile the utensil can be used. Shadows in a scene can be brightened with just a single variant, which is often equipped with several colors, the light can be controlled in a targeted manner and appears softer, and the reflector can even be used to darken it if necessary.

Thefolding reflector is cheap and yet one of the most versatile tools in photography. Especially at that portrait photography shows how versatile the utensil can be used. With only a single variant, which often with multiple colors equipped, shadows in a scene can be lightened Light let yourself target control and looks softer, if necessary, the reflector can even be used darken be used.

In most cases, the availablereflectors about the colors Black, white, gold and silver . Depending on the desired effect, the right color is applied to the outside or to the inside rotated in front . With the golden side it is relatively easy to warm colours bring into a scene. If you choose them silver side , the reflection falls particularly strongly, but for that quite cool out of. You can also work effectively and classically with the colors white and black. The White side is ideal to lighten shadows or to make the light softer and therefore more flattering. Again the black side literally swallows the light and thus ensures that shadows become darker and more contrast comes into picture.

Jinbei Faltreflektoren

Lighten and darken with the folding reflector

Thefolding reflector is seldom used as the primary light source, although that is quite conceivable in photography with available light. In most cases, the reflector is used for another primary light source to support . If shadows on a person's face are a nuisance or if the light falls off too quickly, the reflector, often with the white side, is used to reduce the undesirable effect . Care should be taken when lightening, since the shadows are most often found under the chin or nose. The reflector brightens up from below, but only slightly, because strong light sources from below seem unusual as the human eye is used to that light from above comes.

The dark side of the reflector comes into play when shadows remain turn out darker should or if for example low-key images (Images where the dark parts of the image predominate) are the goal of a shoot. If the utensil is on the opposite side of the primary light source, the light will be diminished there because the black side of the reflector reflections prevented.

highlights in the eyes

At a good portrait stand the Eyes one person in the foreground . The viewer's gaze can be drawn particularly well to the eyes when there is a highlight is located . With an artificial light source and working with a light shaper, highlights usually appear by themselves. If a window is used as the light source, it is possible thanks to the shape of the reflector , the light in a certain way too bundle up . The reflection is then often found in Eye of the person to be portrayed again.

Jinbei Faltreflektoren

The diffuser for soft light

If the upper cover of the reflector is removed, there is often a hidden behind it diffuser , which is ideal if only one small light source is available, but the light is still as possible flattering and soft should fail. Depending on the desired effect, the diffuser is held in front of the light source. Thus, with simple means, the light of a to imitate large light shapers .

The folding reflector as an emergency plan: when the background is missing

Another function ofreflector shows up when a neutral background needed for a portrait. Mainly the black and the White side prove to be helpers in need when no suitable quiet background can be found.

The versatile application possibilities of the collapsible reflector show why hardly anyone clicks on this ingenious and creative accessory want to do without.

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