Mit einfachen Tricks zu tollen Fotos von Ihrem Haustier

With simple tricks to great photos of your pet

The relationship between humans and animals is unique. Anyone who has a pet of their own can attest to that. It is therefore more than understandable that the most beautiful moments with the dear animal companions should be photographed.
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The relationship between human and animal is unique. Anyone who has a pet of their own can attest to that. It is therefore more than understandable that the most beautiful moments should be photographed with the dear animal companions.

It is not surprising that, despite modern digital cameras with fast autofocus and high light sensitivity, it is not that easy to photograph four-legged friends and co. Most of the time, the pets just don't want to be like their masters. Maybe a nice snapshot is created every now and then, but a real portrait doesn't want to succeed. If you feel the same way, you can heed the following tips and create pictures that are true character of the animal bring to light and in the future to a nice memory become.

Tierfotografie mit Jinbei

Find the right exposure

This also plays a role when portraying animals right light an important role. As a master, you know your animal best and know whether working withlightning possible or if that would only cause unnecessary stress. Come flashes or steady lights used, the animal should be accustomed to it slowly, with low intensity. If the use of artificial light does not work as expected, a Fitted sheet a window to a big one light shaper for soft and gentle light be repurposed. In addition, the use of reflectors to fill shadows or around natural ambient light more precise and targeted.

Photograph at eye level

Usually one looks down on cats, dogs or other pets. photos from this one bird's eye view however, often seem boring. Even if the animal is still so small, photographers should make the effort and up eye level of the animal taking photos. This sometimes means that you have to be lying on your stomach or crouching to take a photo, but this little effort is clearly worth it.

Tierfotografie mit Jinbei

Find the correct aperture

Is the dog romping around in the garden or is there a quiet moment to capture forever? cover on the one hand decides about the shutter speed t, secondly, about the effect caused by the depth of field is reached. Should a single detail , such as a cat's eyes, then it's best to have a large aperture to use. A small and so closed aperture comes into use when the animal is outdoors moved quickly and it therefore needs a little more depth of field to do that Maximum sharpness to guarantee.

use filters

There is no harm in front of the expensive camera lens a UV filter to screw. This guarantees that the pets do not get too close to the valuable equipment with their curious snouts. The filter can be easier to clean as the front element of the camera.

Tierfotografie mit Jinbei

The animal decides when it's over

The animal stands in every respect Focus , which is why it is crucial that this feels comfortable. The room should be familiar to the pet and, moreover, should treats and toys ready. Toys that make a sound are also great for drawing the animal's attention to the camera.

If the animal is uncomfortable or wants to end the session, there is little point in persuading it to continue. Here is easy patience required and after several attempts you will surely have captured the right pictures.

A conclusion on pet photography

patience , the right setting and good light – Much of what applies to portraits of people also applies to animals. It is important that nothing is forced, then it is best to character and soul capture the beloved animal.Pauses, close observation and sensitivity lead to faster impressive results , than one believes.

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