Fotografieren mit kreativem Licht

Photographing with creative light

Nothing is as important in photography as light. Even the best photographers can't take pictures in the dark. However, light is not only essential when creating a picture, it is also a creative design tool.

Nothing is in the photography as important as the light. Even the best photographers can't take pictures in the dark. However, the light is not only essential for the formation of an image , it is also a creative design tool . The lighting, working with artificial light, allows you to give your pictures a personal and recognizable personality to give handwriting .

There are countless ways how by means of the Lighting a creative idea can be implemented. In addition to the lighting, which through the position and light shapers are also influenced color temperature and the color of the light used as a design tool. A modern light source is now able to realize numerous creative wishes of the user. Thanks one RGB function can be done with the right one apartment or the remote control the look of a scene by changing color and color temperature button press vary .

Experimenting expressly allowed!

In the creative lighting pretty much anything is allowed. Thanks to the possibility of using many different colors, photographers can orientate themselves on the color wheel. It is often the complementary colors that come into play when multiple light sources are used most surprising results care for.

Fotografieren mit kreativem Licht

If you haven't been able to work more extensively with artificial light up to now, we recommend practicing and experimenting at constant conditions , i.e. in the studio or in a darkened room. As soon as the handles are in place and your own creative imagery was found, it is easy that artificial light with the natural combine ambient light .

Before the artificial light in a creative way for exposure is used, it is best to study the available ambient light closely. If the sunlight that falls through a room window, for example, is already flattering and gentle enough, it can Artificial light as fill light be used without this pushing itself too much into the foreground.

Professional and satisfactory in all respects will be the results when using different setups while taking pictures experimented and tried becomes. Of course, this is particularly easy if aLED permanent light is used. When setting up and aligning the light sources, photographers assess exactly how the lights used affect the image effect finished picture .

Fotografieren mit kreativem Licht

This is where color comes into play

colored foilsthat in combination with Flash orsteady lights are used are no longer a secret. A light source with RGB function Of course, it makes things a lot easier, because with such a color you don't have to laboriously mix the right color from individual foils, the one you want hue let yourself target .

Creative users have it in their hands whether, how and to what extent a scene with colored light is photographed. Some photographers consciously choose a specific one color nuance , which appears again and again in portraits, for example. The light color becomes an individual and again, even if it is only used in the background or as a fill light recognizable trademarks .

Unleashed illuminate the path to impressive resultsn

If the light source is on the camera, such as with a clip-on flash, the creative options are a little more limited. However, this changes drastically from the point at which you decide to spatially separate the light from the camera and with it to flash unleashed or to illuminate.

This is particularly easy and quick to learn, especially for beginners Technology with permanent lights , since there are no suchradio transmitters and receivers needs and the result is practically already visible when looking through the viewfinder of the camera.

Fotografieren mit kreativem Licht

You can work with these types of light

At the creative lighting in the studio or on location is between the main guide light and the effect light distinguished. In addition to this, another light on the background aligned become. This diversity shows how numerous the possibilities are. Because both through the lighting in itself as well as through that Coloring individual lights numerous creative effects can be implemented.

a single LED permanent light , which is aimed as an effect light on the hair of a person to be portrayed, can change the entire mood and even the message of a change image .

When using creative light everything is allowed, what pleases and with colored foils or the modern RGB function of permanent lights it is easy, one or the other special idea to realize.

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