Perfektes Licht beim Fotografieren mit Blitz

Perfect light for flash photography

Beginners often shy away from flash photography. The many terminology seems too complicated and besides, every now and then one succeeds in creating appealing photos solely with the available light.
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Beginners often shy away from flash photography. The many terminology seems too complicated and besides, every now and then one succeeds in creating appealing photos solely with the available light.

The fact is, however, that the so-called available light , which has led to the creation of a photographic category of its own, is rarely as perfect as one wishes. If it is too dark, the exposure time is longer and the photo is no longer sharp. If the midday sun is too high in the sky, then they are shadow on the face unflattering to a person. With the flash, all of these things are relatively easy to avoid.

In the case of statements that the flash photography would distort a photo or that it no longer looks natural, these are mostly excuses. With a little practice you can even do it Beginner professional results and just at unleashed lightning it is even possible that even the expert hardly recognizes whether lightning was involved at all or not. Unleashed lightning is understood as theUse of a flash unit, spatially from the camera disconnected and control is via a connection cable or wirelessly.

The Flash and the artificial lighting of a scene are firmly connected to the photograph. Especially in the early days, when film material required long exposure times, portraits without artificial light, for example, were not possible. Even today, lightning ensures that with low ISO numbers and short exposure times can be worked.

Fotografieren mit Jinbei-Blitz

Advantages of flash photography

If you want to sum up the advantages of taking photos with flash, you can say that you are familiar with this one type of photography independent of the ambient light and henceforth has the possibilities to do that Light precisely according to their own to model ideas .

Photographers take a closer look at the flash photography apart, it may mean a little more effort at the beginning, but after a short time they will own photos better and in addition, a surprising amount can be done to save time , because you no longer have to wait for the perfect light or spend an unnecessarily long search for it.

The atmosphere of the setting evening sun, particularly flattering shadows for beauty portraits , Boudoir Photography and even reports – all this and much more can be done with the master correct lightning . Your own repertoire is significantly expanded and the flash gives certain photos the Extra touch of professionalism .

To the others advantages in photography with the flash, its versatility counts. With modern flash units, the Set flash output precisely , making it easy to use the flash with the combine ambient light . Shadows can be lightened, the focus can be on certain details of a picture. The performance of the flash also guarantees a short exposure time, even with a small aperture Maximum sharpness . It is even possible to have several flashes also withsteady lights to combine and who deals more closely withcolored foils employed to amend the light color be used, who sees how easy it is to change the entire mood in a picture.

The entry into the flash photography is easier than ever thanks to today's innovative devices. Even that unleashed lightning , in which the flash is spatially separated from the camera, thankspowerful radio trigger child's play.

Fotografieren mit Blitz

Basic mistakes when working with flash

Especially beginners are afraid of possible mistakes when taking pictures. Here it must be noted that Mistakes are critical to the learning process even professional photographers gradually approach the right lighting for a new scene.

Often the flash is left on the camera and not attached to it unleashed lightning married. At events this is understandable, but really good results are often better achieved when due to the position of the light source the position of the sun is imitated. Blind trust in the TTL function of the flash units also often leads to problems, because the learning curve is mastered the fastest in the classic way with the manual flashes .

A summary of flash photography

The Photography with the flash is much easier than you think at the beginning and even after relatively short time leave with a flash amazing results achieve. So in some cases, it's best to take the plunge.

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