Fotografieren mit dem richtigen Lichtformer

Photographing with the right light shaper

Studio photography attempts to copy natural light as much as possible. Even if it should storm and snow outside, an artificial light source and the appropriate light shapers can create an atmosphere reminiscent of a summer evening.

Studio photography attempts to copy natural light as much as possible. Even if it storms and snows outside, you can still use one artificial light source and the appropriate light shapers create a mood reminiscent of a summer evening.

In the Studio Photography control over the light is one of the main roles, so it takes a little practice and experience to come up with ideas creative lighting also be able to implement. While modern cameras do a large part of the work for the creative people, setting the light and choosing the right one takes a lot of worklight shaper initiative and willingness to learn. Before photographers deal with the topic of artificial light in more detail, the common light shapers and their typical areas of application be looked at more closely.

Why do you need softboxes and Co. at all?

The light in photography needs a certain quality in order to express the desired effect in an image. portraits (Blog post on portrait photography), as an example, look particularly appealing and aesthetic when the light source large and shines best on the model from an elevated, slightly inclined position. The larger the light source, the smoother the transition from light to dark areas. We're talking about the soft light that softens contours and flatters the face. Use photographerssteady light or oneflash head without a transmitted light umbrella, asoft box or abeauty dish, the shadows are hard and the image quickly appears too hard and too rich in contrast. Of course, experienced photographers like to play with these effects and like to put on male models, for example harder light , which can be used to emphasize cheekbones or facial muscles.

Jinbei Lichtformer Softbox

Onesingle soft box can be enough to take your photography to a new level. Especially at that Photography on location , as is the case at a wedding, for example, the best possible result must be achieved with little equipment. More and more creative people have made it their task to start with a single light source the creative goal to reach. Thanks to modern, transportable and versatile light shapers, this is not a problem at all. Especially whenreflectors are used, which can easily be used as Fill light can be used are.

Diffuse and soft, that's how it works!!

In photographer circles one likes to hear about diffuse or soft light. It means the same thing. If photographers use a clip-on flash, they have different ones Types of diffusers available. These are essential for event photography, since the clip-on flash is a relatively small light source that also throws the light almost frontally on the object. Used in a controlled environment such as the studio flashes or lights worked, which are unleashed by the camera, i.e. detached, the tools for forming the light bigger stand out.

If you want to get into the topic, you should go to one translucent screen or one soft box grasp. Most ideas with artificial light can usually be implemented quite quickly.

As soon as the light structure becomes more complex and photographers feel confident, they can spot attachments , gel sheets , grid or strip lights to be worked. Sometimes, however, less is more, so on location often suffices single reflector off to get the light under control. Most modern reflectors like that as that all-purpose weapon the photographers are designated with more than one color fitted. This is how the often existing one comes golden side happy to use if that light particularly warm should fail and thus reminds of the lighting mood that often occurs during the so-called golden hour (Blog post about backlit photos) happened.

Jinbei Lichtformer Durchlichtschirm

The beauty dish for expressive portraits!!

Thebeauty dish represents a special feature in the large arsenal of photographers. It is mainly used for portraits , especially for headshots. The practical tool gets its name because of its special shape , which, with a little imagination, actually resembles a soup bowl (dish is translated as a bowl). The light from the flash or the continuous light falls directly on an inner reflector, which radiates it onto the main reflector. A beauty dish is used when portraitss particularly expressive should be or if the light from a transmitted-light umbrella or an octabox is too soft and therefore expressionless. Since the Beauty Dish scatters the light strongly, it falls off considerably towards the edges, leaving in the middle , in which ideally the face of the model is located, a highlight . This draws the viewer straight to it main focus of the picture .

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