Home-Shootings: Professionelle Ergebnisse zuhause

Home shoots:Professional results at home

It doesn't always take a professional photo studio or a professional photographer to achieve perfect results in photography. The so-called home shootings, in which the elements that already exist in a house or apartment are used anyway, are becoming increasingly popular.

It doesn't always need one professional photo studio or a professional photographer to achieve perfect results in photography. The so-called are becoming increasingly popular Home Shootings , in which the elements are used that are already present in a house or in an apartment. The home shoot is always an excellent idea when the weather outside is not ideal or rental studios are occupied at short notice.

What are the advantages of a home shoot?

The photography at home has the great advantage over the studio or on-location photography that the person to be photographed immediately feels at home and at ease. Photography within your own four walls is always particularly suitable when so-called „Environmental Portraits“ are to be created. In these, a person is shown together with the environment in which they are firmly integrated. The items in a house Furnishings and the colors used often say more about a person than you might initially think.

Tipps fürs Home-Shooting

Another advantage of taking photos at home is that the limited possibilities stimulate creativity and working with the existing light too natural and special appealing results leads.

Available Light how it works!!

The Available light photography means nothing other than that photographers are aware of the existing light serve. This can also be used consciously and purposefully, but in this case it is the camera and the model that are in their attitude and position have to adapt to the light. When setting the light, large windows or skylights are ideal for available-light photography. The light becomes particularly soft if, for example, a bed sheet is hung in front of the light source. In no time at all similar effects like the one soft box achieve.

When it comes to photography at home, it is important to pay particular attention to the time of day and the associated quality of light to respect. When does the light fall through which window or how does the model have to be positioned so that the resulting shadows flatter the face? With a little patience, this can also be done in the home and improvised studio achieve professional results .

Tipps fürs Home-Shooting

What to do when the light is not enough?

If it's cloudy and dark outside, photographers have to take care of themselves shoot at home of one or the other aid serve. Luckily today areLED steady lights,flash units and evenlight shaper Available in all sizes and shapes and therefore particularly transportable. Afolding reflector should also always be part of your own equipment, because it simply and quickly fills unwanted shadows with light and does that incident light can be used in many ways .

Experienced photographers combine often that too existing light with the artificial light used and thus create special effects that are in no way inferior to recordings from a professional studio.

Creative ideas for photography at home

Once the lighting has been mastered, it is time to implement your own creative concepts . Since space is usually limited in the house or apartment, despite the fact that space remains the same Set-up change of perspective at. Photographers can let their imagination run wild here. The bird's and frog's perspective are supported in their effect by different focal lengths. You can also break with conventions, so wide-angle lenses are definitely a good choice creative medium in portrait photography at.

Tipps fürs Home-Shooting

It is also useful if existing objects or elements be incorporated into an image. If you take a picture through a window, you will reach creative reflections or strong contrasts. Over- or under-exposure draws the viewer's focus to a specific element. Even long exposures are a possible element of the creative home shoots .

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