Perfekte Portraits mit dem Ringlicht

Perfect portraits with the ring light

There are many ways to achieve perfect illumination of an object or person with artificial light. The ring light, which combines numerous advantages of classic light shapers with its special shape, is becoming increasingly popular.

There are many ways to achieve the perfect illumination of an object or a person with artificial light. This is becoming more and more popularring light, which, with its special shape, combines numerous advantages of classic light shapers. Anyone who has worked with softboxes, clip-on flashes or classic video lights may know the ring light from one or the other Internet video. Not only photographers like to rely on this round artificial light , it is also commonly used in stream or vlog used.

Jinbei LED-Ringlicht

Perfectly illuminated in a stylish wayt

At a portrait or generally when working with artificial light, several light sources or light shapers are often used. However, the ring light is an exception, as it is thanks to its special round shape also as sole light source great for portraits and headshots suitable. Professional results are therefore guaranteed even without additional light shapers. With ring lights, the shots can also be taken directly through the central cut-out, which makes them annoying and unflattering Shadows simply eliminated .

The ring shape spreads the light gently on the face and cut out the middle. As a result, the light literally hugs the contours of the face. The shade become clear minimized , the skin looks smooth and evenly and despite the proximity to the camera lens the face appears three dimensional and alive .

Jinbei LED-Ringlicht Augenreflexe

Due to the great popularity ofring light Of course, the special one also wears it light reflection at this in the eyes . The ring of artificial light can be found on the iris of the eye again. This not only looks impressive in photographs and videos, but also gives the eyes a whole look special shine .

Other advantages of the round continuous light

In terms of setting options, the ring-shaped light is in no way inferior to other modern permanent lights. Thanks to simultaneously energy-saving and powerful LEDs can the light perfectly to the Conditions for registration be adjusted. In this way, creative people not only change the intensity of the light , but can just as quickly die change color temperature . This makes it easy to achieve a precisely adapted lighting mood and just as easy to combine artificial light with any existing lighting daylight or others Coordinate artificial light sources .

Because of light weight and the handy size may the ring-shaped artificial light to the transportable variants be counted. Because often a practical one Smartphone holder is included and the light with a light tripod can be used, spontaneous recordings can be made anywhere. Due to the design, the continuous light is predestined for taking pictures of the face, but due to the high light intensity, it is also able to replace other light sources and light shapers without any problems. All the rules that apply to portraits with other light sources and also with available daylight can also be applied to this popular permanent light.

Jinbei LED-Ringlicht

A small plus point ring light to other softboxes and umbrellas it is that thanks to its interesting shape and simple presentation also as creative ingredient can be used in the recording itself without being distracting. Photographers use the ring-shaped light more and more often than special prop for your composition.

A conclusion on continuous lights in ring form

If the face is the focus of a shot, this permanent light is due to its numerous ingenious properties hard to beat. What is also special, however, is that the light, which is easy to regulate, can be used for many other types of creative lighting can be used easily. Not only beginners, but also experienced photographers and videographers can significantly expand their possibilities.

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