Softbox gleich Softbox?

Softbox equal to softbox?

The softbox is without a doubt the type of light shaper most commonly used in photography. Whether on location or in the studio, the soft and diffuse light that ensures smooth transitions is the first choice of many photographers who want to work creatively with artificial light.

The soft box is no doubt the kind of light shaper , which is most commonly used in photography. Whether on location or in the studio, the soft and diffuse light that ensures smooth transitions is the first choice of many photographers who creative with artificial light want to work.

The correct positioning of the softbox

As the name of this light shapers already reveals, the soft box to make the light appear softer. The quality of emitted light can be compared to that of an overcast sky. However, artificial light offers the advantage that the light can be deliberately directed onto the object or model. This is crucial, after all, the quality and expression of a picture do not only result from the bright areas , but also from the The shade and their positioning .

The Distance , the angle and the Size of the soft box decide how the light falls and what effect it has. In general, yes greater the light shaper, the the light falls softer . However, if there is not enough space for a larger softbox, for example because photos are being taken in an apartment, a similar one can be installed achieve effect , if a slightly smaller softbox is positioned as close as possible to the people or the objects to be photographed.

Jinbei Softboxen striplight

Which softbox for what The possible areas of applicatione

Given the numerous shapes and sizes , in which light shapers are available, it is not easy to decide on the right one, especially at the beginning. Usually the prefixes are for the used steady light round, octagonal, square or rectangular. When using it, a distinction must be made as to whether Artificial light as a keylight , i.e. as the main lighting, as background lighting or as catchlight , which leaves a light reflection in the eye, should be used.

If photographers use artificial light as a keylight, the shape has an even clearer effect on what is later in the picture visible effects out of. A striplight , a special one long rectangular box , is suitable for people in the long shots record. The light thus extends from head to toe. In most cases, however, the grazing light is used as an additional light, positioned to the side or from behind. comes one round box for use, that's how it falls light more focused on the person in front of the camera. Shegenerated in connection with the artificial light used in theeye a reflection, reminiscent of the sun. The effect in the recording is particularly natural. It looks similar to square boxes that leave a window-like reflection in the model's eye. For headshots or closer portraitsmost users pick up on itround or square boxes back, since these combine the properties of the key and catchlights.

Jinbei Softbox

A grid and its benefits

A Grid is sometimes included with the purchase of a box. Anyone who has not yet been able to work with it rightly asks where it is used. The grid is mostly fastened with Velcro fasteners at the frontline attached to the softbox. Its job is to focus the light and focus it more directly on the model. The scattering effect , which provides the desired, soft light for soft boxes, weakens the grid . Would photographers like that Contrast in a portrait is stronger, as is often the case with recordings of men, the grid is a good way to add to the existing boxes more versatile to use .

What to look out for before you buy

Before buying, photographers should be clear about where, when and how the product will be used. If you travel with flash or another type of artificial light or take photos on location, you should pay particular attention to a small pack size , as is guaranteed with collapsible boxes, for example. It is also advisable to check compatibility with any existing ones steady lights or Flash to check. The majority of the products offered come with one Bowen's S-Type bayonet equipped, the a particularly flexible and versatile use permitted.

Who generally more about the right light shaper and want to know how they can be used can also be found in ours blog post more on this.

A conclusion

The soft box is and often remains the first choice when it comes to professional lighting design goes. At the beginning it is recommended to go to the classic round or octagonal Gripping forms, these prove to be particularly versatile. Especially if a studio is available, it is advisable to more shapes , like this striplight to use as a supplement.

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