Texturen in der Fotografie: So geht’s!

Textures in photography:how it works!

More pep and color for the next set-up? That fits perfectly, because everything here revolves around the theme of"Elements". Photo or video recordings can be easily changed by using different tools. It doesn't matter whether it's color-intensive or imaginative photos, the two photographers Sebastian Weingart and Tommy Halfter have managed to create different effects with the help of different textures!

More pep and color for the next set-up That fits perfectly, because everything revolves around the topic here “elements” . Photo or video recordings can be easily changed by using different tools. Regardless of whether color intensive or imaginative shots , with the help of different textures, the two photographers Sebastian Weingart and Tommy Halfter managed to create different effects!

At the beginning, the photographers created, as in the last shoot, a mood board. The character of the studio, a listed factory building with a certain patina, lent itself particularly well to the desired one Mood & Look :

Jinbei Element-FotoShooting

The two photographers have when using two EFC-150 RGB LED steady lights, another LED permanent light and the Integration of fans , light materials and fabrics such as tulle create creative and special shots.Through the different stylistic means, such as bright colors and the focus on details of the model, the two succeeded completely special photos let develop.

Jinbei Elemente-Fotoshooting

This is how the creative light setups succeeded

For the background of both light settings, a white, translucent and light fabric used, as well as one large soft box. Tulle fabric is placed in different layers in the foreground of the room to create a certain depth and to be able to create a semi-transparency on the models.

Jinbei Elemente-Fotoshooting

The first light setting

At the first light setting, each with two LED lights worked. In this setting, the main light comes from the Backlight . The white background is from behind, with 100% performance , illuminated and can thanks to the RGB light can be dipped in various colors from the front. In this setting, the manual HSI mode used.

The EFIII-150 , a great alternative to this is this EF-150 Pro, serves as fill light and is aligned from the front to the side in order to best accentuate the contours of the model's face.

Jinbei Elemenr-FotoShooting

The second light setting

With this setup, the two took advantage of that EFC-150 RGB steady light, which from the side about a Rim Light is projected onto the model and thus a high-contrast lighting generated. The fill light EFIII-150 from the first light setting remains, but is in the Light output slightly reduced (2-10% light intensity at a distance of about 1 meter).

Jinbei Elemet-Fotoshooting

The results are colourful, wild and reflect, thanks to the expressive model with dominant make-up and the diffuse lighting , reflecting the lightness that should be implemented for this setting.

This is what the two photographers say about the shoot

Taking pictures with EFIII-150 LED steady light has not only through the stable and professional impression convinced, but also by the additional modes, which are not only wonderful for the Photo- , but also for them videography suit. That is also convincing EFC-150 through its power of 150 watts. The HSI mode would be even better if you were more precise in the color levels respectively could set nuances , especially in the red range (350 to 10 degrees).

Of course we are happy to receive your feedback! Unfortunately, the EFIII-150 is no longer available than alternative can do that here EF-150 Pro LED steady light be taken.

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