Blitzlicht richtig einsetzen - so geht es!

Use the flash correctly - this is how it works!

Many photographers have great respect for working with artificial light and especially for the use of flash units. One often hears that flash light changes the message and effect of an image or appears unnatural. This may be the case if used incorrectly, but with a little practice and an understanding of how the flash works, outstanding photographs can be created.
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Many photographers have great respect for working with artificial light and especially for that use of flash units . One often hears that flash light changes the message and effect of an image or appears unnatural. This may be so in the case of a faulty deployment, but with a little practice and understanding of how it works let go with the flash outstanding photographs create. The professional expression, the focus on the important elements in the picture and the mastery of even the most difficult lighting situation is in many cases of Flash dependent .

Photographers should face the flat learning curve that comes with learning the lightning techniques means don't flinch. Taking pictures with lightning and one light shaper , such as one soft box , is learned relatively quickly and the impact on quality own pictures is amazing.

Working indoors with flashlight these are the advantagese

At the Photographing events even professional cameras with high-speed lenses occasionally reach their limits. It is possible ISO value , i.e. the light sensitivity of the built-in sensor, to be able to continue taking sharp pictures with a short exposure time, but with the Quality must with this clear drawbacks be counted. The noise in the picture is clearly visible, the colors no longer look real and the dynamic range leaves much to be desired.

In order to be able to continue working with a low ISO value and fast exposure times, the use of a flash . Beginners will find it easier to get started by using one clip-on flash , also called Speedlight. Depending on the make and model, the combination of camera and shoe mount flash is able to communicate with each other in order to automatically correct exposure to determine.

Blitzlicht richtig einsetzen

Perfect flash light indoors

Set up photographers Flash directly on the people , which is to be photographed at an event such as a wedding, a christening or a birthday, the people quickly appear too bright, the shadows are too hard and the faces appear flat.

If you want to work with the flash indoors, you have to be creative. If there are white walls or low ceilings, the flash can be aimed at them. Here photographers speak of „bouncing“ . The light is reflected from the surface, it becomes as a result softer, more diffuse and changes direction. Good bouncing almost looks like the Lightning unleashed , i.e. spatially separated from the camera.

The bounce card

If there are no neutral walls in order to be able to use the possibilities of bouncing, we recommend the Use of a bounce card . This is a small reflector that attaches to the flash and works like a wall. Sometimes such bounce cards are already built into the flash, alternatively they are available cheaply or can even be made quite easily by yourself.

The unleashed flash

At the unleashed lightning will thatflash unit spatially separated from the camera. This is possible through transmitters and receivers, by means of which camera and flash unit communicate with each other. Even a small distance between the camera and the flash light causes the shadows to fall differently and faces appear more plastic . For example, photographers can hold the camera in their right hand while positioning the flash with their left hand. Alternatively comelight stands or an assistant to use.

Blitzlicht richtig einsetzen

Photograph interior details correctly

At a wedding, but also at other events, there are always small but important details to photograph. Since with these, in contrast to persons, there is the possibility of static light setup to use, it is recommended to use light stands , unleashed flash units and soft boxes . Details in interior spaces are particularly vivid and therefore vivid when they are used multiple lights , which means working with a main light, a background light and maybe even a side fill light.

The advantages of flashlight in outdoor use

When shooting outdoors, the flash is usually not used because of the lack of light, but because of it creative possibilities . Digital photography makes it possible to photograph against the available sunlight. The people, however, with their backs to the primary light source stand, are often too dark . The flash, used unleashed, proves to be that ideal fill light . It compensates for the high contrast and thus directs the viewer's gaze again the essentials .

In such a situation is the folding reflector an alternative, but especially in the evening hours, when the light is rapidly decreasing, it is needed flashlight to sufficiently increase the dynamic range.

Blitzlicht richtig einsetzen

With a soft box or anotherlight shaper equipped, photographers also make their work easier with digital post-processing. Reflects natural light of colored surfaces, so the skin looks fast unnatural out of. That is also suitable Flash photography to extend the recording window. The harsh midday sun, which is hardly suitable for portraits, can be balanced out with a flash.

The conclusion

Flash drastically expands the possibilities of photographers. Creative solutions , such as working with colored gel foils or the fill light in outdoor shoots, help to expand the own portfolios . So it's worth it Blitz pay more attention .

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