Die passende Stream-Beleuchtung

The right stream lighting

Streaming is becoming more and more popular in private, but also in companies. Viewers are close to the action and have a closer connection to what is being shown thanks to the direct transmission.

Thanks to numerous platforms and easy to use Technology More and more amateurs are discovering streaming for themselves. Anyone who is interested can get started right away without any prior knowledge or skills.

Of course, the results of a routine and experienced streamer often cannot be compared with those of a newcomer. At the conscious lighting the trained eye recognizes the quality of a stream. The more consciously you work with light, regardless of whether existing light used or on resorted to artificial light is, the more professional the stream looks. Especially when it comes to presenting products or services, streamers should think about the creative possibilities that the targeted use of light gives.

Streaming Beleuchtung von Jinbei

The use of available sunlight

While in photography the use of the natural light is extremely popular, this option is only available for streaming if you have a a constant light intensity for a longer period of time can be guaranteed. If you stream in the late afternoon or in the evening, this option is no longer available anyway. When using the ambient light, it is also important to note that changing lighting conditions make it difficult to achieve a consistent style with recognition value.

The ring light of the classics for streamersr

Thering light has been used since the early hours of streaming. It ensures that Faces evenly lit without making them appear flat and uninteresting. The camera can be in the center of the ring light placed so that lights and shadows appear harmonious and natural to the viewer's eye.

Smaller ring lights can be attached directly to the laptop, of course, a classic use is with a lamp tripod or one handy table tripod also possible. Modern variants allow the precise Adjustment of light intensity and color temperature , so that it is easily possible to create a balance between the light that may be present and the artificial light.

Streaming Beleuchtung von Jinbei

When using the guide light is exactly on the reflection of the light to respect. While the ring-shaped light source in the eye a round highlight leaves behind, it quickly causes distracting and unwanted effects on glasses.

LED panels the versatile all-roundersr

who one greater scope wants to have in the lighting and does not just direct the light onto their own face, they usually opt for LED panels . These are available in different sizes and shapes. It should be noted that with the size of the panel its maximum light intensity increases . As with the ring light, users regulate the LED panel infinitely variable light intensity and color temperature . Variants with are optional colored LEDs available. These can be used to incorporate numerous creative effects into the stream. Among the other advantages ofLED panels belong to the low power consumption and, depending on the model, the uncomplicated battery operation .

Depending on the size of the panels used, we recommend using the appropriate ones lamp tripods .

Streaming-Beleuchtung von Jinbei

Other solutions with artificial light and light shapers

Who the merits of a soft box already knows from photography, who knows about their strengths in the targeted and creative illumination of scenes. Light shapers, like that soft box , can easily be used with all common steady lights insert. This solution is relatively inexpensive to implement, but it has the disadvantage that there is always a lamp tripod needs and beyond she is not so mobile like the LED panels are.

who are interested in Steady light with a light shaper again soft box decides who should go to one LED variant grasp. This is more economical, stronger and it also heats up the surrounding air less than classic lights do.

If streamers attach particular importance to the professional character, they should take a closer look at the rules of the creative lighting deal with. Who with the terms Keylight, Filllight and Hairlight who knows how to start something, is usually able to start his own stream quickly high quality and professional to let appear.

A conclusion on the right stream lighting is that this is surprising easy and cheap can be implemented. It has a decisive effect on the overall impression and supports high-quality content, no matter which of the above options is used.

If you too have had your first experience with streaming, please tag usInstagram andFacebook with the hashtag #jinbeifotobox. We look forward to your results!