Die wichtigsten Elemente der Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie

The main elements of black and white photography

Although today the majority of images are created in color, black and white photography has lost none of its fascination. It demands a different way of seeing from the photographer and directs the viewer's gaze to the essentials. While in color photography the colors can quickly become a distraction and thus affect the main message of the image, in black and white images there are far fewer elements available to the photographer for creative design.
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The first photographic processes brought Images in black and white out. Comparatively late then made the color photography wide and was initially not widely accepted by professional photographers. Color photography was considered amateurish, too flashy or too simple.

Although the majority of images today are in color, Black and white photography lost none of their fascination. It demands a different way of seeing from the photographer and directs the viewer's gaze the essentials . While in color photography the colors can quickly distract and thus the main message of the picture influence, there are far fewer elements in black-and-white images that the photographer can creative design be available.

A Black & White photo consists of more than just two colors contrasts and deep shadows . A good monochrome image contains information ranging from absolute black to pure white. So what makes the picture special is the composition and the design elements all shades of grey .

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Shoot straight to black and white or convert later?

Before delving deeper into the specifics of Black and white photography the first question to ask is what equipment is needed to get the best monochrome images to create. There are now a few cameras on the market, at horrendous and not always justified prices, whose sensors only take black and white pictures. Anyone who voluntarily refrains from using color images in the long term will receive it sharper photos with a amazing dynamic range . This is made possible by the missing color filter.

However, photographers do not have to stock up completely and can continue to take pictures with the equipment they have been using up to now. Solely about them Purchase of color filters should be considered, the function of which will be discussed in more detail below.

Most professional cameras today are capable of both jpeg as well as in RAW format take pictures. In RAW mode uses the Camera the raw data format , which contains far more information than the much smaller and very limited JPEG format. That's why a Black & White photo in digital photography always in color, and at best in RAW mode , should be included. This inevitably entails later processing, after all, the right software is required for the conversion. But the opportunities to implement your own creative idea are much greater. In addition, photographers have the chance at a later date Changes to the conversion to do or they can Image in original condition use in color.

So it's always better not to shoot in black and white directly, but to do the conversion later. Are single Color channels in the image file available, and this is the case in RAW format, appropriate software can be used to determine exactly what a color will look like after conversion. You can be precise like this control contrasts and single highlight items .

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The crucial elements in black and white photography

The contrast

Contrast not only means the progression from the darkest to the brightest areas in the picture, but also the differences in brightness as a design feature. If there are no colors in the image, the contrast between the individual elements must be considered for the necessary demarcation care for. Photographers consciously control the contrast range during the recording by specific filters to use such as a red filter if you want the sky to look particularly dramatic. In the RAW conversion this effect can now be easily imitated.

the shadows

In the Documentary Photography special care is taken to ensure that all information is contained in the image. It means that all gradations from Black to White available. This rule can and should be broken in street photography or portraits, because the depth of the shadows lends itself to excellent design tool .

Schwarz-Weiß-Fotos mit der Jinbei Fotobox

shapes and tones

While a color image mostly with the correct exposure makes the best impression, that doesn't have to be the case with a black-and-white photo. As already noted, the different levels of brightness play a far greater role in monochrome photography than in color photography. If an image is to appear more menacing, there is the possibility that reduce the exposure a bit . The shadows increase and the entire expression of the image changes.

If this design element is mixed with recognizable shapes in the picture, it is easy to monochrome image To compose.

The conclusion to modern black and white photography

In addition to the most important elements mentioned, it mainly depends on the composition and the emotion at. In order to express feelings with an image, photographers for black and white photography have to choose a new way of seeing get used to The simple conversion of colored images is not enough, an image must at best be consciously used Composed black and white shot be used to achieve the desired effect. If you no longer miss the color in a picture or would even find it annoying, you have reached your goal.

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